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  1. Hi Triggerfish, I know you said " only shipping to the US" . Would you conceder shipping OS ? I am keen on buying the lights . Cheers Craig
  2. I Sea Nettle I only need two of these . Would you split them up ? Cheers Craig
  3. If the strobe is still for sale I would like to buy it ? Thanks Craig
  4. Just wondering if you have had any luck selling ? Still keen on the strobes . Cheers craig
  5. I am after a set of strobes . Would you be keen on selling them on there own ? Cheers Craig
  6. Hi Dougorama, I am interested in the full kit ,is it still up for grabs ? Cheers Craig
  7. Hi Vini, Is this still for sale ? I have emailed you on ebay with no response , don't know if you are receiving them ? Thanks Craig
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