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  1. Hi I know it's quite old post here but... do you maybe still have that Dome port (M5) - perfect for wide angle ??
  2. up still looking for M5 dome port Anthis M5 or Patima
  3. Is there any way to connect those to ports painless? I found deeproof ports but only for mdx s&s port connection and I'm looking for opposite way to do that. Thx for any help
  4. Hi all I'm looking for Patima dome port for canon 650d case. PM if you want to sell
  5. Hi all I'm looking for housing to fit Sony A7 or A7ii - with dome port. Feel free to contact.
  6. Thanks Bill, normaly that wouldn't be a problem but 4 from 5 cables that were inside were cut. Right now I'm just paring by colors And here's what I'm worring about - 3,3k Ohm pin. This shall go to Power TTL? Shall I also do that?
  7. I figured out that my faulty ttl converter is good enough to be a regular cable like this: so I juts cut off the electronics and left only cables. I worked in manual so this won't do me a problem - even better! But I've heared that connecting green to green etc. is not enough. Isn't it? Do I need to cross some cables?
  8. Mine just died, tried to fix it but I failed. So if anyone got a spare I would be very intrested
  9. Yeah I thought about stix cause they look light but I'm also wondering about normal floats so I'm still intrested
  10. Hi all if you have any floats for sale I'll be glad to help you out I've got ike arms with 20mm endings so feel free to PM me with all your unneeded stuf cheers T
  11. Bough a pair of ds161 from DiverDoug and what can I say? same as above - very fast transaction and great packaging. It was a pleasure doing business with you Doug! Cheers!
  12. Q: How deep did you take your equipment? Got s&s housing for d200 and I'm wondering what depth will it last? S&S is confirming 60m/200ft. But the question is about general housings, not particulary this one
  13. and if you had to choose from second hand / older ones? ys-110 and so?
  14. so looking at all possibilities of strobes that are on market what would you recommend?
  15. So if I don't want to use TTL in auto mode will the strobe/es work in manual connected directly to s&s housing?
  16. I'm little confused So even if I decide to buy sea&sea strobes I still have to buy converter? Or if I won't buy it I still can work with them ?
  17. Ok so why should I use fiber optics rather than normal ttl cables? Won't it work as well? Fibers are faster?
  18. Thanks Doug - are you using 3 lamps to fill the gap which occures with 2 lamps? I'm not set on TTL capabilities. I'd rather use manual ttl than auto. The thing I'm concerned is about conectivity of those flashlamps. If I won't use converter will all lamps work? Mine is exactly this same as this one: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49682 I'm getting started, so one lamp is only for learning purpouses
  19. Hi all I'm wondering a lot lately what strobe to choose. For a start I'm planning only one strobe - if I'm doing it wrong, please correct me I'm doing rather portaits/landscapes than macros. I'm thinking about sea&sea ys-ds1 or inons z240. I prefer second hand hardware. It would be lovely if I woulndn't need a ttl converter for it. thanks in advance for any recommendations!
  20. Hi all I'm tom Dobkowski from Poland. I'm fresh in UW photography. I own sea&sea d200 housing with dome port, nikon d200, and I'm waiting for tokina 10-17. I'm diving in rather murky and cold waters of Poland, occasionaly in some brighters of Croatia Already want to say that wet pixel help me a lot. Hope it will get only better My recent photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/17385175@N00/ cheers Tom
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