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  1. Updated price for the double lens holder W: 50euros + shipping costs.
  2. Lens + dome sold! Only left the lens holder W: 55euros + shipping costs. Regards
  3. Updated prices: - Lens: 210 euros - Dome: 190 euros - Lens + dome combo: 380 euros - Lens Holder: 55 euros Shipping costs apart. Regards
  4. Hello everyone, I’m making a cleaning in my photo closet, and cause I don't use it for quite some time (I have got a SLR equipment), I'm selling the following: - INON UWL-100 Achromat Wide Conversion Lens M67 Type2 The lens is in impeccable condition. Not a scratch on the glass, thread in perfect condition. Just a light scratch on the body that is the only thing that distinguishes it from a new one. Almost always used with dome (which protects even more scratches). Always carefully treated, I am the first and only owner. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/uwl100 ... t/top.html Included everything that came in the original box: lens, the two covers (front with marks of use but good fitting), manuals, serial number card, ... Price: 220 euros + shipping costs Photos: - INON Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100 + INON original neoprene dome cover It is the version with all aluminum body. Purchased second hand a few years ago. Lens in very good condition. Adapter, screws and gaskets to attach it to UWL-100 lens in perfect condition. Body with slight marks of use. Glass in very good condition, with two or three small scratches (you can see them in the detail picture), which do not affect at all to its use. Underwater they are covered by water and do not appear in the photos. It is also included the original INON neoprene dome cover, in perfect condition. Included allen key. I don't have the original box nor printed manuals. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/domele ... 0/top.html Price: 200 euros + shipping costs Photos: Important note: I do not sell the lens until I sell the dome. I would make a discount for the dome + lens combo. - INON Lens Holder W - Double 67mm Mount 67mm thread double lens holder. It fits INON, UCLS and other manufacturers arms, INON grips and floating arms. See manufacturer specs for more info. It can be mounted either one or both holder. In excellent condition, with some surface wear signs. Perfect threads. Always carefully treated, I am the first and only owner. More info and manufacturer specifications: http://www.inon.jp/products/lens/option.html Included everything that came in the original box: the two holders, single mounting accessory, screws, allen key, manuals, ... Price: 60 euros + shipping costs Photos: They can be seen and touched in ​Marina Alta area (Alicante, Spain). Will prefer to ship to EU only. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact. Please, record private messages in the thread. Thanks and best regards
  5. Hello, If you decide to sell separately, I could be interested in: Nauticam Zoom Gear 10-17 +1.4TC + Nauticam 20mm Extension with lock Best regards
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