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  1. Hi manuel! How old is the sola? What about the batt? Charging well? Normal running-time? Do you ship to germany? Costs? Best regards, tom
  2. Hi Ryan, confusion solved ! The lens is the same you mentioned; 50mm are perfect!!! And the TK is 20mm so for this Combo 70mm are enough. Thanks for your Input!! Tom
  3. Hi Ryan, I tryed the 40mm plus 20 mm and this is quite a little bit too short, because the insect-port inside isn't that long as it looks like.... Any advice is appreciated for my two "problems".... Did anyone try these two combos?? Greets, Tom
  4. HI everyone! New to the Forum I take my opportunity to solve my "Problem": My rig is the nauticam-housing for the Canon 550D and the "insect eye port" C60M130 for the Canon 60mm macrolens. Now I like to use this port with the Canon 100mm macro USM (non L, non-IS). So the question is: which portextension (length) do I need for this Combo and the same question when I like to use the 100mm with the kenko 1,4 teleplus 300 DGX - convertor? The port-Charts at the nauticam-hp do not show this Combo, but I'm sure they will work - just with which port-extensions??? I hope sombody can help... Best regards, Tom
  5. Hi everyone at wetpixel! Also new to the Forum im looking forward on getting informations to my "technical Problems". In the past I was also reading "incognito" before my Registration and I really enjoyed the Forum! Best regards, Tom
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