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  1. Thanks for your reply. I will wait for the additional information before buying one of the CMC lenses. In your opinion, which is better suited to use with the 14-42mm EZ lens and a E-PL7?
  2. Alex, thanks for showing these nice photo's. I have not been able to find a lot photo's taken with the 14-42mm EZ and the CMC lens. These are really convincing. Looking at your flickr album I noticed that the first photo of your post was taken with a CMC-2 lens. Is this correct? If so, how does that lens compare to the CMC-1?
  3. I am considering upgrading to a Olympus E-PL7 with wet lenses for both macro and wide angel. Looking at the wide angle options saw the UWL-04 and I was wondering whether this lens will work with the standard 14-42EZ lens. The review of this camera on uwphotographyguide.com suggest that it should work, but I cannot find any reviews of this combination. Have you tried this combination? Please let me know what you think of it. I am most interested in the corner sharpness over the full zoom range and if vignetting does occur. Thanks in advance! Alex.
  4. I received the book last Thursday (31-03). I have not yet finished the first chapter, but I must say I like it so far. It is written in a way that is is understandable for non native speakers (or readers in this case). I am looking forward to read the rest in the coming weeks or so. Just need to find the time for it.
  5. My advise only works if you shot the picture with a 2:3 ratio. The RAW file will always have a 4:3 ratio. Most of the time I use the 2:3 ratio, since it saves me time editing. But when there is an "composition error", changing the setting in LR form as shot to original may save the picture.
  6. Adam, I'm assuming that your camera is set to an aspect ratio of 2:3 instead of the native 3:4 of the olympus sensor. When you load the RAW file in LR the crop ratio used to present the picture is the same as the camera setting (as shot), despite the fact that the RAW file is larger. When you change the crop ratio to original (see picture below) the whole RAW file will be presented to you.
  7. Well I want to replace my current camera mainly because of the following two reasons; 1, the shutter speed is slow, it is nearly impossible to shoot moving fish. 2, the setup is rather large. As for now I'm tend to chose for the XZ-2 with an Olympus housing. This combination is smaller and lighter than my current setup. And the XZ-2 has a significant wider lens than the SP-510 (28mm vs. 38mm). I'm aware that I need to use additional wet lenses if I would like to shoot at wider angles.
  8. Thanks leepix for your reply. I've read some reviews (E-PL2 vs E-PL3), overall they concluded that the E-PL3 is a improvent compared to the E-PL2. In your opion, why is the E-PL2 better than the E-PL3? (other than that it can be bougth a lot cheaper)
  9. Hey Everbody, I'm Alex and I'm looking for advise regarding the purchase of a new (compact) camera + housing. I currently own an Olympus SP510 with a Ikelite housing and a single INON D-2000s strobe. This set-up was bought 5-6 ago and I used it intensively till about 1.5 years ago. Since then I've not used it for several reasons. I also own an Olympus E-520, which I use top side. I really want to get started again with underwater photography and I've been searching on the internet for information. First I was looking for information regarding the Olympus XZ-2, but as I understand now, at this moment the Sony RX100 II is the best compact camera for underwater photography. I (like most people) don't have an unlimited budget to spend on a new set-up and that is where the RX100 II is troubling me. The RX100 II (€620) alone costs nearly as much as the XZ-2 with Olympus housing (€670). And Ikelite housing for the RX100 II will cost about €350. I'm wondering, is the XZ-2 so much worse compared to the RX100 II that it justifies spending €300 more on it? That money could also be used to buy a second (used) strobe. Recently I came across a offer on a Olympus PEN E-PL3 with an Olympus housing for €750, but since the is a relative old model I don't know how it will compare to the XZ-2 or RX100 II. For anyone how would like to give me some advise, this is what I'm looking for in a new camera set-up: - Compact size (my current Ikelite housing is huge). - Must be able to work with my current strobe. - Image quality; I won't be printing larger that A3. I hope you can give me some advice on what to buy, because I'm not sure what to do. Alex.
  10. Hey everyone, my name Alex, and I'm from the Netherlands. I've been diving for 10 year now and I bought my first (and only) uw camera 5 years ago. Alex.
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