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  1. Strobes are sold. Still looking to sell the housing. I'll take the price down to $1,300.
  2. Ports are sold. Strobes are available and I will ship to the UK.
  3. I just posted an Aquatica 8 1/2 inch dome for sale. Let me know if you're still looking,
  4. Can send more pictures if you're seriously interested.
  5. Hi there. New to the board, just looking for a place to sell my used UW camera equipment. I have an Aquatica 40D housing that hasn't been used since being fully serviced at Backscatter. It's a bulletproof aluminum housing that works perfectly and is in great shape. There are of course some cosmetic scratches on the outside. I did lose the handles in a move, but they are very cheap to buy from Aquatica. I'll include a Pelican 1510 case with a couple dividers and a mesh pocket lid lining with the purchase of the housing. I also have an Aquatica 8 1/2 in. dome port and an Aquatica AF macro port. Both have a few minor scratches on the glass but in no way affect the images. Can't see them at all. And, two Ikelite DS-125 strobes in perfect working order. The chargers got lost with the housing handles so you'd have to pick one or two up. Still some of the best, most reliable strobes ever made. Good warm light and pretty strong with a pretty quick reload time. The housing is discontinued but is $2,500 brand new. I'd like to get $1,600 for it but that could be negotiable. The dome port goes for over $500, I'd like no less than $200 for it. The macro port goes for $350 new, I'd like $150 for it. I'll sell the strobes for $300 each. Feel free to PM me or ask any questions here. Thanks.
  6. Can someone tell me when I'll be able to post a topic? I just registered and am trying to sell my old housing and strobes. Thanks.
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