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  1. Ijust uploaded the new galery to my web: Philipinn pics!!!! One here: I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Last days the Sapin Federation celebrate the National Championship in the cold atlantic water (Galicia, north Spain) I've some pics and the final clasification on my web (Only in Spanish.... to much work tranlate it.... excuse me!) This are two of the pictures from Gabriel Valls collection... the 3rd position: The direct link is: NAFOSUB06 in MarDigital Ths pages with the pictures are listed on right litle blue menu called: "indice de contenido" I hope you enjoy it! Cheers,
  3. Hy Mikel!! Congratulations!!! I've seen this pictures before and you know that I like it!
  4. d70&105mm Taken in "El Toro Island" Mallorca, Spain. d70&60mm Taken in "Dragonera Island" Mallorca, Spain. d70&105mm Taken in "El Toro Island" Mallorca, Spain. Cheers....
  5. Only the 60mm. The second subject is bigger that the first. The "head" is +/- 15 or 20 cm. Look it:
  6. Thanks for your words..... Karl, the first one: f:16 and 1/125 secs; the other two: f:22 and 1/320 secs. Flash in iTTL.
  7. Last Saturday, coold water.... 14ºC I hope ypu enjoy.....
  8. Like Ike says they change the info in the web. Now we can read: "5510.81 Dome Port is positioned for the new zoom lenses like 12-24mm Nikon and 10-22mm Canon. It can also be used with most lenses that use #5503.50, #5503.55 and #5503.80 dome ports. ...... $400 #5510.82 Super Wide Port is required for very wide lenses like the 10.5mm Nikon and 15mm Sigma fisheye lenses. The dome is positioned at the closest position for these super wide 180 degree lenses. The Nikon does not vignette, but the Sigma may exhibit the slightest vignetting in the corners with the full frame sensor Canon 5-D. ...... $400 #5510.83 Extended stalk 3/4" longer than supplied in #5510.81 for longer zoom lenses. ...... $425 #5510.84 provides the dome assembly with stalks used in #5510.81 Zoom, #5510.82 Super Wide and #5510.83 Extended ports. " "Component Numbers: #5510.10 Super Wide Stalk only .... $ 125 #5510.16 10-24 Zoom Stalk only .. $ 125 #5510.24 Extended Stalk only ....... $ 125 #5510.40 Dome assembly only ...... $ 300 #5510.82 port is supplied with #9072.24 low profile port locks to install on the housing. These low profile locks can be used with all Ikelite ports." If I want to use the 8'' dome with the Nikon 12-24 and the 10,5 fish eye i need the #5510.84 or I must buy the #5510.10, #5510.16, #5510.40 and the #9072.24 low profile?
  9. Thats the new I was waiting for!!!! Well done Ike... One question: I want to use the 8'' dome with the Nikon 12-24 and the Nikon 10,5 fish eye, sop I need: For the 12-24: The dome - ref: 5510.40 The 12-24 stalk - ref: 5510.12 For the 10,5: The dome - ref: 5510.40 (the same of course - ) The Super Wide Stalk - ref: 5510.10 The low profile port locks to install on the housing - ref: 9072.24 Is correct? The low profile port needs especial installation? Is easy remove it? It can be in the housing with other lens or only with the 10,5 fish eye? Too much questions? Cheers,
  10. Hello Luiz, I updated my D70 housing and my DS125 to iTTL few weeks a go and I look the swich to DS50 and DS125...... thats the question make me ask about the iTTL with the new DS200....
  11. I've waiting for it months ago!!!! Ikelite anounced the new DS200 in the web, but I don't read anything about the iTTL somebody know if it works in iTTL with the new circuit in the D70 housing? The link to the new strobe: DS200
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