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  1. I have both. I've used the 10.5 for years. But I now prefer the 10-17 because I shoot a lot of people that don't always cooperate e.g. arms out at last moment and I also like to shoot an occasional turtle or shark or just a fish ... sometimes at the 17 end. My concern was about ease of getting focus lock but it turns out that the 10-17 is as good as the 10.5 .... at least it is for me.
  2. What metering mode are you using? The reason I ask is that in tests I ran, I found that I got more repeatable results with center-weighted metering than with matrix metering.
  3. These work for me for the D70. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...ettings_d70.htm
  4. I use both the 1.4 and the 1.7. Both produce sharp results. However, from what I have read the 2.0 does not produce as good a result. Thus my recommendation, get the 1.7. http://www.peterpeterpeter.com/pages/teleconvertors.htm
  5. While a shallow depth of field helps to isolate the subject, I think the DOF needs to be deep enough to cover the subject i.e. have all of the relavent subject in focus. Having some part of the subject in focus isn't good enough for my tastes. Thus, I think careful selection of subjects and their backgrounds along with proper lighting is a better way to get subject isolation.
  6. I get corner softness as well with the 5503.15 when shooting up close as seen in the following pic shot about 1 foot away from the Moray's face. http://www.peterpeterpeter.com/scratch/081106_4458_100.jpg To me it's not a big deal as usually I don't have detail in the corners that I care about or I plan to crop the image anyway. Also, I usually end up with the corners overexposed on close ups like this which is just one more reason I will crop this picture.
  7. Sounds like you are doing everything right assuming the switch in the housing is set to DS 125 and not DS 50. That said, these detailed settings work fine for me. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...ettings_d70.htm
  8. Tom, they look soft to me. What housing/port did you use? And what F stop did you use?
  9. Re questions on my last post. The strobes are 1 foot back from the front of the lens and out about 1.5 feet and angled OUT slightly. With this arrangement I'm trying to paint the central part of the shot with light while not getting hot light on the particles right in front of the lens and not blowing out parts of the shot not in the center. I happen to use a 5" and a 6" arm on each side. But I would probably do as well with single arms and they would be quicker to setup underwater.
  10. For the 10.5 I find it best to keep the strobes only out about 1.5 feet and importantly, back a foot. This back a foot or so is critical when shooting people and other close subjects because I often get really close to the people etc. when shooting and with the strobes in a traditional position, one of the strobes often gets too close to the subject or the wreck/reef with can cause a local blow out. And while I use two arm segments per side on my rig, I would be better off with just one per side as it would mean less wrestling with the strobes to position them after I enter the water.
  11. Maybe just me, but pics look soft and seem to lack punch.
  12. Re "question about the 10.5mm shots -- are those corrected for the fisheye distortion via software (Nikon capture et al) or is the perspective how they come out of the camera?" They are not corrected. But some of them are cropped and I don't remember which ones. As for distortion, I only find it to be a problem where there are straight lines and then I sometimes correct for distortion. But not always. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall..._wide_angle.htm
  13. If I had to choose only one lens for underwater, it would be the Nikon 10.5mm. And, in fact, that's all I use these days. However, excluding wide angle, 60mm would be my second choice. Sample pictures here. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...ple_gallery.htm
  14. I'd double check camera flash settings per the following. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/gide_o5050.html
  15. Some D70/Ikelite info and sample photos here. http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...uipment_d70.htm
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