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  1. Hello, price drop DP100 port and took a 10-17 zoom ring $550  Sea & Sea D2 Strobes $800 for both
  2. Hi, I think I bought from here when I was based in Asia. http://www.divervision.com/dslrevil-housings/housing-accessories/deeproof-housing-carrier-for-nauticam-housings-62018 Cheers.
  3. Port and strobes still available. DP100 port and zoom ring $600 Sea & Sea D2 Strobes $900 for both
  4. Price drop: Zen underwater glass port for Tokina 10-17 and zoom ring - $600   sea and sea d2 Strobes x2 with neoprene jacket - $950
  5. Housing sold. wide ports and strobes available. Zen underwater glass port for Tokina 10-17 and zoom ring - $650  sea and sea d2 Strobes x2 with neoprene jacket - $1000
  6. Used only for 1 trip, 3 dives. I hurt my wrist and will need to downgrade to a lighter setup in the future. Nauticam D500 housing with vaccum port, pump, TTL and carrying bar -$2600 Compact macro port with 67mm thread and extension. Works with both 60 and 105vr - $350 Zen underwater glass port for Tokina 10-17 and zoom ring - $650 sea and sea d2 Strobes x2 with neoprene jacket - $1000 Items are in in NJ. Chad
  7. Hi. I have a Nauticam housing set I might look to sell. Overseas at this point. When I get back stateside I will send you some pics. Housing is in NJ. Chad
  8. Hello interested in the tokina 10-17 nauticam gear. Please contact at fchotika3@yahoo.com
  9. Hello, Looking to sell my old set as I have now moved to a D500 setup. Sea & Sea D200 housing with ball attachments and carrying strap Nikon d200 camera body with 2 batteries, charger, 8GB CF card; about 20K shutter Sigma 10-20mm wide angles lens Sea & Sea standard flat port for macro with cover, Sea & Sea 40mm extension ring Athena Optical Glass dome port 170mm with cover FIT Sigma 10-20 zoom gear Sea & Sea YS TTL Converter & 3 Sea and sea nikonos cables The set is fully set up for wide angle, add a 60 or 105mm lens and you have the ports and extensions to shoot macro. Asking 850 USD. Buyer pays for shipping from Singapore. Add YS-90 strobe for $50 if price is met. Best regards.
  10. Hello. Price reduced to $1,200 including the sea and sea strobe. I will be in the US in the next few weeks. I can post it from there to minimise your postage cost.
  11. Hi Folks, Selling my Sea & Sea Dx D200 housing, with Nikon D200 body with 14K shutter count, Sigma 10-20mm lens. I'd like to preferbaly sell as a set. - Sea & Sea DX D200 housing w/ body cap + base ball attachement + lanyard - Sea & Sea Std NX macro port with front cover - Sea & Sea 20mm ext ring - FIT Zoom ring for Sigma 10-20mm - 2x Sea & Sea Synch cables - Sea & Sea YS Converter III - Nikon D200 body + 2 Batteries + charger - Sigma 10-20mm lens In the pics I have removed the body o-ring for storage and have those as well. Asking 1,500 USD. If price is met I will include I used Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe free. I also have an Athena 170mm glass dome port that completes this set, but is NOT included for sale (great dome and will currently keep for future use). however If you purchase the entire set, open to sell and happy to disucss. Shipping from Singapore. Open for WW shipping at your cost. Thanks for looking! For quick response, please contact me on email: fchotika3@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Steve, I used to use a Nexus D100 system and moved to the Sea&Sea D200. I already had Sea&Sea strobes. One of the main reasons is the ability to use the TTL converter without issues. Have been hearing issues all over the place with using the converter with Nexus housings. I just got the Converter III and will try it out this weekend. I haven't got the D200 system wet yet, so I can't tell you how it would be underwater. Looks very promising topside though. The TTL is compatible with the strobes and hence I don't have to change them. To get TTL with Nexus (not using the S&S converter), you'd have to go with optical TTL via the Inon's. The S-TTL mode of the Inon is doing that, and hence I understand it works only on macro, as you'd need the strobe pointing accurately at the subject. You'd also have to fire the on camera flash. With the S&S there's no optical port, so this is not an option. The other point for me is the availbility of other 3rd party manufacturers making compatible products for S&S. One thing that sold me was the Athena optical dome port (now sold by S&S). I got a very good price when I bought it in Japan. I didn't like Nexus' port strategy as they were producing ports made only for specific lenses. The Athena takes just about any WA lens/zoom that I'd ever use 10.5, 10-20, 12-24, 10-17, 17-55, etc by just adding extensions. Athena used to make this dome for Nexus, but I think they stopped recently. Athena also make a good macro port for the 105VR which I will upgrade to in the future. It has the capability to use Inon 67M close up lens. I also found a comany (F.I.T.) that made a zoom ring form my Sigma 10-20 which S&S did not have. On the Nexus, I used the 17-35 gear made by Nexus. The S&S Port opening is also quite large, making it easier to push the lens release button when you have a gear attached. The S&S uses a bayonet type port and chunky o-rings: You have to push down a bit to turn it. The Nexus uses threaded mounts, which were easier to turn. I also like the S&S black alumite coating which should wear out better than the painted Nexus. I also like the black color vs the silver Nexus, but for Canon housings, they make it all in black. Camera install in the S&S is also very simple as there is a tray that you mount on the camera and perfectly aligns the M-S-C switch. On the D100, I always got this misaligned and had to reposition. The D200 Nexus also didn't have this control, which I use quite often. The S&S is also a smaller housing than the Nexus. Good for travelling, but when I tried it inthe pool it was very negative. I had to whip up a home made float which helps lightenting it in the water, but I want to try to see what happens at depth. On the mechanicals, I think that Nexus is of a better quality. All the gears and pinions are made from aluminium. On the S&S they are plastic. The controls shafts are also skinnier on the S&S. The shutter release is spring released, whilst onthe Nexus D100, there was no spring and you had to manually flick up to disengage. No bottom tripod mount thread on the S&S. The Nexus had 3. I don't remember what the viewfinder was like on the Nexus. The new ones have the multifinder lens. The S&S came with a 0.6X which expands the view, but makes the image smaller. There's also the 0.8X pickup lens which should be better for macro. But since I've seen companies offering to mount the much better 45 deg angle finder to the S&S I may eventaully go this route, making it equivalant to the Nexus option. The S&S also came with a built in leak detector, where the Nexus doesn't have one. Hope this helps! Sorry for the long note. Sounds more like a review... Chad
  13. All sold. Thank you very much, Chad
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