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  1. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply and link to McMaster. I will probably order from them if I figure out the dimensions of the shaft in my NA-EM5. I could use some extra c-clips if they get lost. I've contacted Bluewater about it. Regards
  2. Hi! A c-clip that clips onto the "Function 2" button shaft which holds a plastic end piece in my Nauticam NA-EM5 housing has been lost. Is there any easier way to replace this other than send the housing to Reef Photo in Florida (I'm in Los Angeles)? Would Nauticam distributers have extras? I was thinking about going to a hobby shop to look for a c-clip that is the same size. Would anyone know the size of this particular one? Anyone else lose one of these? Thanks! Jason
  3. Hi Tim, No I didn't. Though I didn't yet try the car polishing solution yet. You have any ideas? Jason
  4. Hi everyone, Thanks for the helpful tips and insights. It for the most part seems beneficial to take a workshop as long as it's not too big and with a good reputable instructor. I just signed up for a workshop with Aaron Wong in Anilao and couldn't be more excited. Hoping to build on the craft and get creative with shooting underwater!
  5. Thanks everyone for your tips, opinions, and insights. It all helps. Frank, Those are all great reasons for sure. SD Marko, Yes, I'm very open to ideas and learning now. I would imagine people will be bouncing ideas off of each other and learning not solely from the instructor. I tend to learn better by example and so this would benefit me a lot. Divengolf, Thanks for the tips. I generally have a firm understanding of your bullet points. I could probably learn my camera and controls better (I would like to be faster and more fluid). I'll also take a look at the Martin Edge book again. Paul, That's good to know. Sounds like generally people find value in workshops.
  6. TimG, Yeah the stains seem more like an odd chemical reaction with the glass rather than mineral deposits. Thankfully, you don't seem to notice them when the glass is wet. After looking through the glass when the port is partially submerged in a bowl of water, it doesn't seem to affect image quality. jonny shaw, Thanks for the tip. I do usually try to keep my housing wet if fresh water isn't available and rinse, soak and dry as soon as possible.
  7. thetrickster, Yeah, that's what someone else said that it may not be possible to remove the marks. Though, I would imagine a fine polish should remove them. The glass still seems smooth so I would think the marks haven't etched into the glass. I do try to soak my housing in fresh water after a days diving. There's probably been a couple times I didn't get a chance to soak the housing. But I do rinse every time. Though, I do do a lot of beach dives and probably there's been times where I couldn't rinse my housing for several hours. I don't think the stains affect image quality underwater. Haven't noticed. Looking through the port with a bowl of water I can't see the stains. Chris, I've tried a vinegar/lime solution diluted in water soaking for at least 12 hours but that didn't seem to help. I will try your technique of pure vinegar. Gudge, If all else fails, I will try the CLR. Thanks for all the suggestions
  8. I've also tried window glass cleaner. The water spots are very hard to remove. I'm also cautious of harsh chemicals because I don't want to damage the o-ring of the macro port.
  9. Hi, I'm thinking about enrolling myself into my first underwater photo workshop (instructor well known pro underwater photographer). I would consider myself intermediate level underwater photographer but quite knowledgable about above water photography but not professional. I would like to take my underwater photography to the next level of creativity. How useful have non-beginner people found these workshops? Worth the money? Have you've discovered things you wouldn't have thought of by just reading books/forums? Thanks for your opinions.
  10. Hi, I have a Nauticam macro port 65 that I've been using for a year for the Nauticam OM-D E-M5 housing. I've just noticed there seems to be water drop stain marks on the port glass. I've tried cleaning these out with soapy water, lens cleaner, and water/vinegar but none seem to help. I don't think this glass is coated. Anyone have a solution to get these stubborn stains out of the glass? Polishing with a glass polisher work? Also, I'm pretty sure these marks are on the outside of the glass port. Regards, Jason I've attached photos of the marks. Saltwater stains?
  11. tdpriest, Ah, thanks for the info. After my first "fix" via jander4454's suggestion, the shutter action was again not smooth. After looking into my housing and playing with a few internal levers, I discovered that the lever with a spring that contacted my camera shutter was too snugly fit on the plastic shaft it rotated around. The lever still had a hard time rotating even after loosening screw that held the lever onto the shaft. I then just gently sanded the hole on the lever where the shaft goes in and it now rotates freely.
  12. jander4454, Thanks! This seems to have made the shutter lever smoother and return to it's original position. Do you know what was done when you got your housing serviced? Replacement parts? I'm wondering since loosening the screw seemed to have fixed it. Will need to dive with it. Jason
  13. Hi, My Nauticam NA-EM5 housing's shutter lever doesn't return to it's original position after pressed sometimes. This more frequently happens when I depress the lever partially (half way to focus). Inside the housing I've noticed the spring loaded lever that pushes on the camera's shutter button doesn't move smoothly but the external shutter lever is smooth. Anyone else have this problem? I was thinking about putting some silicon liquid on the internal lever. Any recommended silicon that's safe for housing? I take good care of my housing (rinse, soak after day's diving). Thanks Jason
  14. Coroander, That's a good point that I've thought of before but forgot to look into more. I think I've always been using Transcend SDHC 10 16GB cards while shooting RAW only. Though, I'm not exactly sure what cards I was using when my camera froze. I'll look into this, thanks.
  15. Here is a link to a further discussion on the unresponsiveness problem that happens. For more info. http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/olympus-outlet/457746-olympus-om-d-e-m5-sometimes-unresponsive.html
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