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  1. Hello again, hard to belive there is no DS50 for sale The M50 is good enough for me (see picture attached)
  2. Hello, want to buy one Ikelite DS-50 analogue (the old one) to pair one I own. Do not need digital. Alalogue will suit just fine. I´ll pay the mailing costs. Contact: carlosmoraisnoazulprofundo@gmail.com
  3. N.7 is very unusual. Great. Thanks for sharing them.
  4. Hello Ellen, you have not read all my post... please do it. I do repeat : the software Nikon Capture 4 and the software Nikon Capture NX is useless with the new Nikon D90. The owners of this previous versions of Nikon Capture now have to buy the new NX2 version if they buy the new D90 and want to open NEF files from it. Being so the Capture NX is useless. If you know that it is possible to open NEF files from D90 on Capture NX please inform us. Nikon allready informed that it is not possible do do so. But if you find a way I'll be thankfull. Projecting this software politics into the future: in one year or two, with the release of new Nikon cameras, the version NX2 will probably be useless too because you'll need to buy a NX3 version to open the new NEF files... I'm not saying Nikon Capture (being version 4, NX or NX2) is or is not a good software. That´s not my point. It's Nikon's upgrades policy I'm talking about.
  5. Imagine the ones who bought Nikon Capture NX or, even worst, the original Nikon Capture. Nikon is not making upgrades so the software is useless. This is a important issue when one consider to buy a Nikon software...
  6. Hi, this might be a question like pissing on a wetsuit: "there are two kind of divers, the ones who piss and the ones that say they don't do it" Just another question: do the Dive Center allows you folks to solo dive? Will them allow you to do the second solo dive?
  7. Hi pmooney, many thanks for the information. As this is off-topic here but is a very interesting topic, I've started a new topic here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29010
  8. Hi there, this theme was brought up in another topic. I find this an interesting issue so I've started this new topic. This device allows to use Subal Ports on a Aquatica housing. If you know of any such device for other housing's manufacturers please let us know of it. Question: does this devices chance the distance of the original ports? If so isn't it important?
  9. Viva! I use a 3 liter pony with EAN40 almost of the time. When traveling I try to rent one unit in the destination before I fly. I try not to be solo but as I'm so slow, most of the times I find my self solo diving.
  10. Well, I'll have to wait for a Subal ND90... Besides I have the Ports and Domes... There should be devices to use Ports and Domes from one Manufacturer to another... Wouldn't it be nice?
  11. and it's only 1.800USD and it's rated to 90m...
  12. Hi again, are you sure you need more power for WA?
  13. Hello Lasse, I have been using old Subtronic Alpha Pro for WA. Only Manual. I don't know no i-TTL system for the old Subtronic Alpha Pro. I do like the ability to reduce the power to 1/64. Useful with schools of fish and on CFWA. This example is f/8 1/100 and two Subtronic at 1/64 power. Don't know if i-TTL would work...
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