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  1. Can anyone recommend an aiming light for a large diameter (Subsea Mk150) strobe. Historically I used a Underwater Kinetics (UK) Super-Q lite with a rubber holder that strapped to the strobe. I find now that UK no longer stocks the nicad or any other parts for the light. Is there a comparable product sold by any other company that has a holder and narrow beam light that will attach to a large diameter strobe? Alternatively if anyone knows where I can find an old Super Q nicad I'd be delighted to hear from you. UK told be it is no longer in production. Thanks in advance. Les.
  2. Hello All: I don't know if anyone goes back this far (15-20 yrs) but I'm trying to revive my old Subsea Mk 150 strobe. I know Subsea once had a repair site in Florida because I took the strobe there once. The strobe (and I) have been in storage a few years and I'd like to have it serviced so I don't flood it the first time out. But I can't find Subsea anywhere on the net. Also it takes a very large battery which I can't remember the spec for. Its the size of a brick or maybe two vhs tapes and I think it was a dry cell. At the time there were rumours of it becoming a rechargeable but I never saw one. Can anyone point me to a shop that might service the strobe and possibly a battery supply site. Thanks a lot in advance. Les.
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