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  1. In the last few weeks I have taken my Stingray 2 housing out on some deeper dives, and I am getting serious fog at greater depths beyond the dramatic thermoclines we have up here in NE.


    It takes the camera a good 10 minutes to equalize, and I just don't have that kind of time. Regardless of the amount of moisture munchers I throw in there, I'm having this problem.


    Any suggestions?


    Moisture munchers don't actually work so fast that they would help in rapid temp/rel.moisture% chances. There are some things you might try.

    1. Warming up the housing (something to think about?)

    2. Get dryer air in the housing (closing the housing in dryer/cooler place)

    3. Give more time for the moisture munchers (close them in long before the dive, and keep the housing in cool place)

  2. The disturbing reflection is caused most likely by light coming in front. Make a reflection shield (like you see in regular teleobjectives) outside the port covering it from light coming outside the field of wideangle. There was someone having similar problems with Equinox in Thailand and wrote about it in ScubaBoard.com.

  3. Shoot some hours of material before serious editing session. Shoot 5 to 10 seconds shots no zooming or turning around. Try stay steady (overweighted on bottom when you can) use wide angle. Learn to set white balance manually when not using lights. In clear sea water abowe 15m light are not needed, but if you wanna take macro ask your buddy lighten up with a powerful torch (HID or Halogen) from twice the distance you are shooting e.g. shooting distance 30cm and light 60cm. This way you don't have to buy those video lights yet. MAKE a script!

  4. Sorry Mike! You can set WB manually with Ikelite too, and sorry scubadru if your housing is leaking.

    For the record: ALL housings for proDV are big, bulky an unvieldy and ALL housings come with the risk of a flood (mainly bcs of improper use and O-rings). Having problems with your housing doesn't relate much to manufacturer, so money can't buy reliability (just read thorough shit happens stories of the other UW videographers)

    Manual controls are generally more difficult to use versus Lanc controls are generally more unreliable.

    Bottom line: Whatever you use has it's advantages and disadvantages, cost's and prof's. When purchasing a housing decide wich are the most important values for YOU to look for. Then make your own decision.

  5. Electronic vs manual: Allways remember conditions you are. In moderate and cold waters use manual bcs there's a chance of condensation inside the housing depending air moisture etc. It's hard enought to protect the camera against it so why to seek more troubles?

    You dont need to see colour to set the balance. Take the whiteboard to set it manually or preset with videolights.


    Regards Teppo from Arctic Ocean (last sunday Varanger fjord water temp +3 Celsius) PD170+Ikelite

  6. Check up if you find housing for Panasonics GS 200. It's (I presume) the cheapest 3ccd digivideo today, and should be the most suitable for your budget and requirements. Don't worry about lanc and upgrading (your camera you are going to buy later) in your housing. It's anyway too big/advanced to fit in the same housing. I'm a Sony user myself with PD170 and Ikelite, but the GS 200 was one of my options and really like it... Best luck!

  7. Some info of my project: Aft using all the founds to new a videocamera with housing had to fig cheaper way to light up the uw world.

    Couple of old uw torches (Bugdiver) scraping, painting, pile of NiMH's from the internet (25e/16pack times n), plastic battery holdes, halogen bulbs (from 20 to 50w round 1,25e each) and two relays. All the abowe with tools and other crap around the "living"room for 2 months and THEY REALLY WORK!!



  8. Sony pd 170 is great, but not what you asked for. I just purchased one with Ikelite housing, and used 5000 euro, and got it with a bargain price.

    Cheaper choice something like Panasonic NV GS 200 or 400 both 3CCD with capability to take also still pictures (4Mb with NV GS 400). Housing from B&H is much cheaper than in Europe (especially in Finland).

    Soita Radiolinjan nro:on 3068197 jos haluut.

    Sorry that was personal :D

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