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  1. Very nice report; thank you. The pics in earlier post do not show up on my mac.
  2. Hi: I realize this is a very basic question but can someone recommend a float brand that will fit my ikelite arms? I am posting the picture of my arms. Thank you.
  3. thank you for the very nice trip report.
  4. Upon reading this thread again carefully, I found the plastic inside the door and surrounding the screw cracked. I didnot even know it existed. I have a picture but don't think I can post here due to being a newbie.
  5. I am late to the "funeral" for this strobe. My strobe DS51 flooded. This is the second time the strobe has flooded. Once about 10 years ago in Bonaire and now today in FLorida. In both cases, I cannot figure out why. I'd like to take blame for it but until I figure it out cannot as there is no obvious reason. I meticulously clean and inspect my stuff. I wish the strobe manufacturers would make their equipment with double or even triple "O" rings. Its redundancy. Thanks folks.
  6. Incidentally, any problems going thru the airports with batteries?
  7. Very nice pictures and reports as well sir. Gorji
  8. I retract my question.
  9. I need the housing only. If interested, let me know.
  10. I always thought Ikelite products were superior products. I am shocked to read about these experiences. I always believed the housings were very good. Sometimes when email does not get a response, one has to pick up the phone and make the call.
  11. Thanks Luis. I have a D100 and a D200. I have insurance on the D200. I should just jump in and buy the Ikelite. I just have not seen much critic on the Ike housings.
  12. Hi LChan: Thanks for your input. I do not have the housing for either camera. This is what some told me in Bonaire. I have a housing for the Nikon N60 but do not want to shoot film anymore. I am real afraid of flooding and ruining my D200. I never had any problems with my N60 housing. I like the fact that you can see the inside. I think it allows problems to be detected early. I am looking to get a good used housing for a D100. If you don't want yours, please let me know. As far as the base is concerned, I was told that the way the housing was made, the bolts securing the plate come off allowing leakage. Since I do not have the housing I cannot imaging what they are saying. Again, thank you for your post. Gorji
  13. Hello: I was in Bonaire recently and was told by a few people (photographers) that the Ikelite D200 housing is not good. Specifically that it is prone to leakage from two areas: 1. The port while secure is flimsy 2. The base is prone to a defect causing the housing to flood. Are the above concerns valid? I am trying to find reviews on Ikelite housings for a Nikon D200 or D100. Any link and iput would be appreciated. Thank you Gorji
  14. Hi: Looking for a good used Ikelite Housing for the Nikon D100 or D200. Don't need the dome if not available. Thanks
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