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  1. Thanks Anthony. Well yes together with the housing they quite expensive but I think I would rather geta good camera first then the housing later. The Canon Pro 1 is my first choice. Thanks a million and will get back to you. Jac
  2. Thanks for your reply. Ye I guess I'm not being very clear here. Basically I'm after a camera that is a bit better than the basic consumer cameras. I want to take photography up as a serious hobby but then I obviously don't need something mega professional right now. Re the video function - nothing much, just sthing that can take short vido clips just for fun. Thanks again! Jac
  3. Hi Guys I'm Jackie and I' new to Wetpixel and to digital photography. I'm looking for some advice as to what camera to go for. Ideally it would be a semi-professional camera with video and as I'm a diver I definitely want one which comes with an underwater casing. Do u have any recommendation pls cos I'm totally lost See ya Jackie xx
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