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  1. Well it's quite good actually for someone with my experience level. I've always been quite comfortable in the water. Is this camera going to make a significant difference? And BTW where does everyone get the silica packs to put inside the housing? Steve
  2. Thanks for all the advice. It helped reaffirm my feelings and I ordered the Olympus C4040 Zoooooom. Sounds like a great camera. Any input on this beast? Steve
  3. I'm going there in a few weeks. Already found lots of info....any other secrets? Photo or otherwise?
  4. Hi all, I'm new to u/w photography and this forum but have found a wealth of info here. I'm going to Belize in 3 weeks and have decided to purchase an Olympus C3000-series and PT 010 housing. I understand the internal strobe creates backscatter, but don't understand how big a problem it is. Are all pics going to be showing it? Since dollars are limited, should I consider buying this combo and a lower cost strobe now, or a better camera now (say a 4000 series) and using the internal strobe until I can afford a good one....in six months to a year? Any recommendations on strobes with these Olympus cameras? I don't ever intend to publish the pictures or anything...just record memories. Thanks Steve
  5. I haven't a lot of experience diving but I have been to Cabo Pulmo and Bonaire. Cabo Pulmo is .....shall I say quaint. Very few facilities....the resort may be better.I recommend you bring most if not all of your equipment as the rental gear I saw was poor at best. I came over from Cabo. 20 ft pangas are used as dive boats, no ladders, and no place to store gear. No shade or protection from the wind. Diving is slow drifting. Visibility about 50' when I was there in Oct of 2001. One group I was with saw a couple of Hammerheads and we saw a huge school (about 500) small 20lb tuna. the depth was about 60 ft max where we were. You will definitely be away from the party. Have fun!! Steve Ransom
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