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  1. I would like to comment that the last housing I seen from Equinox had rusted screws on it also. This housing was for the SR12 and I was not impressed with it at all. As a matter of fact the customer is wanting his money back because of its flaws. I to have an SR12 and tried it in it and it just had problems. We sent it back to Equinox and they said they have a no return policy and that they would do their best to make it right. I agree with making it right with the customer but it should have never reached a customer this way and they agree with me. I am waiting for a L&M Bluefin housing for mine but I am told they already have one in the Stingray HD; I kind of like the looks on that one better than the Equinox, but I also like the electronic controls. I'm sorry to here that you had problems with your housing, I hope they make it right for you.
  2. Well I already have the SR12 and I have been happy with it so far. I like the 10mp stills that it takes and I like the 120gb HD on board. I also have a 8gb memory stick for the stills, but it can also be used for video. I have not received my housing yet but it is on order with L&M along with the Sunray 2000's.It is suppose to be ready the beginning of June. I have seen Equinox's housing for this camera and wasn't impressed with their first turnout, I'm sure they will correct their problems though. I have not seen the Ikelite housing but my first housing was an Ikelite and I got terrible reflection from the port, it really needs a port shade on it. They also seem to have put the camera up closer to the front hopefully eliminating the reflection. I'm glad to see that they added white balance controls to their housing, unlike Equinox's.
  3. Well we had a customer order a Equinox housing for the SR12 and I am glad I did not go with it, it was in the running for a choice. The customer was very disappointed in the housing and we are in the process of sending it back for some modifications . I am sure that TJ will make the customer as happy as he can. The Bluefin housing I am told should start shipping the first of June baring any hold ups. I am looking forward to getting it and taking it on my trip to North Carolina in the middle of June. I have decided to invest into the 2000's for my lighting system, it will allow me to have 3 different settings,(2000,1000,500) so I am told. I figure that if I need the light it is easier to have it than not to. I am still looking into software to edit the ACHDV format with. I am leaning toward Vegas Pro 8, my son is in college and can get the student pricing for it . I was excited to see the new write up on the camera, it puts it as good a good comparable to the Cannon HF10. http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Sony-...eview-34809.htm Here is a link to the comparison page http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/Sony-...-Conclusion.htm
  4. I decided to go with L&M Bluefin housing for the SR12, it is suppose to be ready the first of June. It's hard having the camera and no housing, just using the time to get to know the camera. I am still on the fence between the Sunray 1000's and the 2000's. Does anyone have opinions on these 2 light systems? I figure the lights will last my lifetime and am thinking the 2000's, but I don't know if they would be overkill for lighting in the Great Lakes.
  5. Well I just received the call that the SR12 is in the warehouse and it will be on Sat truck so I can pick it up on Sat. I will be able to take it Coz next week for topside footage but will have to use an older Sony DIG8 for underwater footage. As with the housing I ordered the Bluefin from L&M. I will have to wait for it until they develop it for the SR12 and I should have it in 2 months. I opted for the new 1000's for the lighting system. I am excited about my new venture into HD video and hope I will be able to get some guidance from some members here.
  6. Ok, I just purchased my new video camera after 12 years. I like the results of the videos that I am seeing and wanted to try my hand at it. I purchased Sony's new SR12 from local and am awaiting it's delivery , 1st week in March I've been told. I have been in contact with L&M for the housing and would like some opinions between the Stingray HD and the Bluefin ( told it is being made for SR12). I am steering towards the Bluefin, are the extras worth the money , also giving up the upgrade feature of the Stingray HD. Next question would be the lighting system, Sunray Classics or 1000's? With the costs of these housing I would just like a little feedback. Thanks everyone
  7. I will see if he can get em photos, he is about 4 hours away, can you purchase or refit the mount tray for other cameras? Is there a model number stamp on it? My main concern is buying an older housing and then not be able to get a camera for it.
  8. I am looking at purchasing a L&M housing from a friend and I know it is a Stingray II. He is not sure what camera it was set up for, all the housing look similar. I would need to buy a used camera to put into it but I was wondering if I would have to buy one that it is set up for or can it be nodified to accept a different camera? Is there on Sony camera that this housing would fit that stands out above the others?
  9. I purchased a Fugi f810 last year with a Iklite housing. I am having trouble with it in cold water and I need a strobe to be able to turn the flash off to conserve battery power, What is the best strobe for this set up?
  10. Thanks for all the info B) , I'm going to try to use the internal strobe for now while I learn the camera. I am excited about the set up , I like how the controls work on the housing. Can anyone tell me about the diffusers that came with the housing and what I would use them for? I am also wondering about the add on lenses that are available. I don't know much about the Inon strobes but will be checking them out. I was looking into the 125 Iklite, But thats a choice for later. Once again Thanks for the help Tim
  11. Well I took the advice of this forum and bought my wife a fuji f810 for mother's day, I also ordered myself the Iklite housing for me for father's day. I think you see how this is going to work I am now wondering if I have to get a strobe for this set up or will it work fine with out it, I do have an anniversary coming up Any way I am realy looking forward to using this setup. I found it to be less expesive that ordering a housing for my Sony f828. If any one can give me some pointers I would appreciate it. Specially how to get heat in a dog house!
  12. Hello everyone, Iam new to this sight so be polite.I have had my Sony f828 for over a year now .I am getting back into diving and would like to get a housing for my camera. I have done some search for them and all I have come up with is the Ikelite. I also seen another on this forum from last year that was metal contructed, did any thing come about that housing? As far as strobes go I am new to this but why can't the hotshoe be used with a sync cord to power the strobe? May be a fullish question . Might it be less with another camera and housing? How are the UW pictures with the f828, 8MG?Raw? Any answers would help. Thanks Tim
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