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  1. Chris, Thanks. Obviously the dealer pressure tested the housing and certified it as "leak-free." So this was a bit unexpected. Also, it's noteworthy that the "new" Nauticam o-ring fractured as I attempted to reseat the plexiglas LCD window. This seems like a design flaw complicated by o-ring material failure, perhaps due to a manufacturing flaw or use of an inappropriate lubricant. Bob
  2. Just curious -- has anyone else had water leak around the plexiglas LCD window on the back of a Nauticam housing? (The specific one is a Nauticam D7000 housing.) If so, why, how, and what is the remedy? Also of note, this occurred immediately after the housing underwent overhaul by the USA dealer, so the o-ring was new. Thank you.
  3. Ryan, Thank you. I need a new dome, so I will order a Zen 170 mm in the next couple of weeks. Bob
  4. I would appreciate any recommendations based on experience for a dome port (Zen, Nauticam or S&S) useful for the Sigma 17-70 mm (macro) lens. Thank you.
  5. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new or used Sea & Sea D7000 housing? (Discontinued by S&S.) Thanks. Bob
  6. This is right on. I hope those who consider themselves conservationists (as we photographers in fact are) will limit boat traffic, stop development and protect the habitat. I've yet to see a manatee scarred by a housed SLR or a "submerged" photographer.
  7. Does anyone know of this establishment (Great White House) and how the cage diving is done? SCUBA or surface supplied air? Thank you. Bob
  8. Does anyone know a reliable American or European operator or agent for dive charters in Lake Baikal? Thank you.
  9. I concur that LeisurePro provides excellent service and a wide range of products (most often not available at local dive shops) for a low price. I have used them for years and have been quite satisfied. I have no relationship to LeisurePro. I have often been surprised by the lack of knowledge and limited availability of products in local dive shops. The claim that one pays for individual service is an obsolete myth. Bob
  10. Please assist me in identifying this 5-7 cm crab found at Blue Heron Bridge May 10, 2008. The crab was located at the East span in 18 fsw near the SW most pillar. Water temperature was 79 F at 10:40 AM. Thank you. Bob
  11. Can someone let me know if Air Pacific from LAX to Fiji enforces the 7 kg and 39 inch restriction on carry on bags in coach??? Thank you. Bob
  12. I noticed that Chris Newbert's website has been refurbished. The portfolio section is quite nice and shows what one can do with Ektachrome film and a SubEye camera with water contact optics: http://www.rstours.com/Marine_Life_Gallery.html It is quite impressive for an obsolete technology! Bob
  13. I seem to recall a work around that would permit jam free scanning in the Nikon 5000ED and slidefeeder SF-210. It is obviously frustrating to try to scan batches of 50 slides in cardboard mounts, given the unreliable transport mechanism. I seem to recall a plastic shim or other jury rig. Any ideas??? Thank you. Bob
  14. Anne, Thank you for the help. The photograph was taken November 16, 2008 just after high tide (about 11:00 AM). Bob
  15. Anne, Thank you. I will check the reference. Bob
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