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  1. Aloha - I have an extra Z240 strobe that has been sitting in my closet the past year that I'd like to sell. Only been on a couple trips, lightly used, few small normal scratches - tested and working perfectly. Ebay link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Inon-Z240-Strobe-Type-4-for-use-Underwater-Barely-Used-in-Great-Condition-/181734608047?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a503a0caf
  2. ALOHA - I have a near brand new housing here for sale. It has only been used 3 different times. I bought it to shoot wave images a couple years ago but never use it. It truly looks and feels as new as the day I got it. It's been living in a case in my closet the past two years - and time to move on. It fits a Canon 5D Mk 2 only - custom. The dome port fits a wide angle/fisheye lens - I used the Canon 15mm for it. This has the detachable pistol grip on it - as well as the side grip for versatile styles of shooting. I have every original accessory - including the neoprene port cover for the dome. Check out the SPL Water Housing website for more details or - Please ask any questions as I want this to move. Again - this is very well cared for and an awesome product. I paid $2050 for this (plus shipping) - asking $1200 OBO
  3. Have this setup on auction at Ebay. Starting bid $4100: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...IT#ht_500wt_911
  4. Ready to dive Aquatica Housing built for the Canon 20D. I'm selling just the housing + the 8" dome port ($500). There are some usual scratches on the dome - which could be buffed out. I'd include a buffing kit if someone was interested - but you can still take pics u/w fine - as the scratches fill in with water on the acrylic dome. Comes with two Nikonos bulkheads for strobe connection.
  5. This is still a great video package - working perfectly. The housing was serviced last year. Both camera and housing have normal signs of wear - asking $5500 + shipping for everything - think it's a great deal as it cost more than $10k initially. Here's what's included: *Sony Z1U - 3 chip HD camera - lens is perfect *Amphibico Phenom Housing *94 degree wide angle dome - perfect *Macro dome port - perfect *Amphibico White Balance slate *10 pro tapes ($100 value) *Battery + Charger *Kata Bag to carry the camera and accessories - ($130 value)
  6. Everything is sold now - except the housing/dome combo. Thanks
  7. For Sale: 1. Tokina 10-17 lens - used, near perfect - shows very minor signs of use (from zoom gear only) - glass perfect - asking $450 + $15 shipping 2. Aquatica Zoom gear for 10-17, perfect condition - asking $75 - free shipping 3. Canon 20D x 2 - both functioning, one in near perfect condition, the other has some cosmetic flaws. Asking $350 - shipping (tbd). Includes: *Canon 18-55 lens *4 CF cards - 4GB x 1 and 1GB x 3 *4 batteries and 2 chargers *Camera bag for above ***Can't verify the performance of the batteries as they haven't been used in over a year - but all charged and work upon testing*** 4. Aquatica Zoom gear for 18-55 - perfect - never used once - asking $50 - free shipping 5. Aquatica 20D housing + 8" Dome port - dome port is perfect inside but scratched on the outside - Comes with two Nikonos bulkheads - asking $600 + shipping (tbd). Pics available upon request. Thanks Bryce
  8. Selling a near-perfect shape Amphibico Phenom housing. It has a few outside scratches, but performs flawlessly. The housing was serviced earlier this year and has not been wet since - like new. I have the dome port for it - scratch free as well as a basic port as well for macro use. I'll throw in an Amphibico white balance slate with purchase. I also have the camera if someone is looking to purchase. Taking reasonable offers. Aloha, Bryce
  9. I have an Aquatica setup as well as two 20D bodies that I'm wanting to sell. Perfect for someone wanting to make a low cost shift to dslr. Here's what's available (together or separately): 1. Canon 20D bodies x 2. One of them still works but is missing the trigger button and has a crack on the top screeen 2. Tokina 10-17 lens with focus/zoom ring 3. Aquatica Housing with Dome port and Nikonos adapters x 2 - port has some standard scratches - but is still perfectly useable and un-noticed u/w. 4. I'll throw in multiple CF cards as well as multiple batteries and chargers. 5. I also have the 18-55 kit lens for this that I would throw in for nothing as well! I haven't used this system in a while - but it's all in solid shape. Used, but solid. I don't really want to put on Ebay - so wondering if anyone here is interested. Aloha, Bryce I'll entertain any reasonable offer.
  10. I'm putting together an itinerary for a trip to Honduras and Belize on a private boat in April - and was wondering if anyone knew of any areas that were difficult to access, off the beaten path or even the "must do" sections of both countries? The main focus is the whale shark/snapper spawn at Gladden spit - but I'm needing to fill in some gaps around there as well - and looking for insight as to the best spots to hit. We're considering not even diving Honduras - and spending the whole two weeks in Belize, but still not sure. Any advice/thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Aloha, Bryce
  11. Awesome shot - Richard! Did you cut the shot then or just for the post? Would love to see the behavior right after...
  12. That is awesome - never heard of it. Thank you for sharing!
  13. Right on Bruno - very cool is right! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Pulau Weh - north Sumatra. It doesn't get near the acclaim as the eastern region - but I spent a month there and had some of the best diving of my life. The little things are there - but there's something big on almost every dive... We had daily manta action, schools of 40+ devil rays, reef sharks and threshers to name a few.
  15. Mahalos Jean - I haven't checked with Inon due to the customer service that seems non-existent in the US these days. I have not changed out my Sea and Sea cables but will try this next. Appreciate the response, Bryce
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