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  1. Hi there, I'm new to the site, but already I've found it to be really useful, thanks! I'm a 26yr marine biologist working for the smithsonian in maryland...I mostly dive for work (AAUS certified), and have actually done very little 'fun' diving. Had to dive in lakes in canada to take sediment cores for mecury analysis, and dove in bimini for reef surveys. Currently I'm doing projects in Belize at Carrie Bow Caye, which is amazing...and also working on Chesapeake Bay jellyfish, but diving there is not so much fun. I have to take underwater stills and video for work, but photography in general is one of my hobbies. Another favorite hobby is belly dancing, and I'm in a performance troupe that dances in the maryland area. Thanks for all the friendly support and info! Becs
  2. Just got back from Carrie Bow, Belize and we had a cold front come through, after which we got a load of cubamedusae (Carybdea) blown in close to shore. Carybdea have a nasty sting and about 3 people got nasty welts. The larger ones were easier to spot and avoid, but the smaller ones were near the surface and harder to pick out. Thimble jellies were all over too, but they always seem to be there. Bec Jelly Biologist
  3. Thank you so much for the reply and info and websites, everything was really helpful. I'm going to wade through reviews and see what seems like the best all around deal for the money. I may be back with more questions when I think I know what I want...run it by the group, so to say. -So far...I think I want (ie. the boss wants) an electronic housing, so that we do have some flexibility in the future, as you said. -I've heard that Sonys are generally slightly better in terms of low light capabilities (at least when comparing cheaper models), do you think that's a valid statement? Plus, it seems like a Sony might be the best option for an Ocean Images housing. -I had initially thought of using lights, but I don't think we can because it will probably seriously affect the jellyfish, especially in terms of behavior and swimming speeds, since they can sense light and respond to it. OK, so I think I'm leaning towards a Dolphin Pro housing and a Sony camcorder...but now I have to figure out which one. Any thoughts on the DCR-TRV19? I've seen mixed reviews - good low light capability and then a UK website had a bunch of people with issues of the CCD going bad about a month after insurance ended (go figure). Ahh...work stress...which toy to buy?! Thanks for helping!
  4. Hi there, I'm a newbie to this site and to UW digital video...so, please bare with me...help/suggestions would be much appreciated! I'm a biologist who is trying to figure out the best setup for videoing in low light. I am trying to capture swimming speeds of jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay, and I'm working on a budget (<$1500). The jellies will be taped pretty close up (within about 3ft) because they'll be swimming through a frame setup (so that I can get orientations, etc). I'll also need a camera that you are able to set the focal length on, but I think most do that now (?) Can anyone help me out on ideas for the best, affordable digital video camera and underwater housing? I've looked at posts, forums, reviews, etc and I'm just overwhelmed, and many setups are out of the budget or do not have good low light capabilities. I just don't even know where to start. Also, does anyone have any experience using products from oceanbrite.com? I like the idea that the housing will accomodate future camera upgrades. Thanks so much for any help anyone can offer! Becs
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