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  1. At the moment I am shooting UW with a canon 5Dmk ii + EF15mm in an Ikelite housing with handles. I use both the Ikelite 8" domeport and a 5" Underwater Camera Stuff dome. I have strobes, but often travel without them when freediving. Still I find this set up to be bulky and heavy, especially as I often carry more kit for land photography in addition to my UW stuff. In terms of image quality I am actually happy with this 10 year old technology, it serves me well. So I wonder if there are any more modern set ups that can match the 5D mkii image quality BUT does so with a significantly reduced size and weight? (Wide angle is my only interest, no need for macro etc. )
  2. I am thinking along the lines of the examples in my first post, ie. wide angle with a dash of light onto something in the foreground. I have rarely shot things where I have felt I have needed to fill the entire fram with light. (Sadly no whale sharks so far for me ) I'm using a 15mm (so it 's full frame) with 8" dome. Though again with the travel/size aspect I am considering to try the 6"
  3. Hi, I have an Ikelite 100A, using it on Manual with a Canon 5D MKII, and consider purchasing a Ikelite - 3944.52 Substrobe DS-51 Package as a second light. I'd be happy if anyone could confirm I could combine these two lights - shooting manually all the way presumably. Second question: will the DS-51 be sufficient by itself as fill light with wide angle in pictures like these examples (taken with the old 100A) : http://archive.felixfeatures.com/image/I0000JpjLzJxfVcQ http://archive.felixfeatures.com/image/I00000DNnXVrhGV0 http://archive.felixfeatures.com/image/I0000hnTScgvhih8 ? It seems like a handy size flash for travelling, and I think perhaps in tropical waters at depths shallower than 20m I might not need more for the kind of pictures I am looking to do. One option perhpas would be to buy two of these and loose the old 100A altogether?? For weight it seems I'd get two new flashes for the wheight of one old (the 100A is 3.5 pounds ~ 1.6 kg and the DS-51 is 1.3 lbs ~ 0.59 kg) . Pluss TTL Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. Photshelter will also allow watermarking, personalized if you like: http://archive.felixfeatures.com/image/I00005b0EM6PTgQE choose how bold/bigTransparent as you like
  5. I'd like to share an alternative to Flickr, particularly for those of you who think your pictures are good enough to be sold/published/printed : Photoshelter. (http://www.photoshelter.com/tour) I certainly see many fantastic pictures here, and think it is a shame they drown in the big Flickr sea, with little hope of ever being seen again by other than a few devout UW photographers. Photoshelter is a quite powerful archive system, with options for e-commerce as well. You can license rights managed,royalty free, sell prints, or just show off your work. It has a modest price model, higher security than Flickr, and certainly looks more professional to potential clients. I did a little plug on my blog some time ago: http://felixfeatures.blogspot.com/2010/06/...otoshelter.html best Fredrik www.felixfeatures.com
  6. Thanks for your feedback! I wish the tank was in oslo where i live, not on the other side of the mountains :-)
  7. Juts wanted to show of my first underwater video. It is shot at Haakonsvern, a navy base in Bergen , Norway. The tank is 18 meters deep and is normally used to train navy scuba divers and submarine crew. Shot with 5dMKII in an Ikelite housing. 15mm w/8" dome [vimeohd]11163736[/vimeohd] EDIT: Looks cool... I embedded your clip and move it to the Editing, Post Production, and Sharing section. Cheers Wags
  8. I'm looking to find places where it is possible to see how climate change and human activity is adversely affecting the oceans. In mainstream media it would seem there is a lot of focus on the very obvious effects climate change will have on human beings in low laying countries such as Bangladesh. But I have a feeling that since what is below the waters surface isn't obvious and direct, it is very much forgotten. Yet so many people depend on the oceans to survive. Hoping to do a project on this I would be greatful if anyone has information to share on the following: - first hand experience seeing the effects of either climate change or adverse human activity in specific (underwater) locations (preferably possible to photograph) - names of institutions or professionals that work with this. thanks Fredrik
  9. thanks guys. Guess I'll still be a bit nervous on first proper dive still :-)
  10. I just aquired an Ikelite 8" dome (5510.45) with portbody (5510.11), to be used with a housing for a canon 5d MKII w/15mm etc. However as I have assembled it I am getting cencerned with the fit between the portbody and the housing. It feels rather a lot more wobbly than my previous set up (also Ikelite, for 20d but with standard 6" dome) which fit much more snuggly. I've the new housing/port only tried it empty in a large bucket, it seemed to hold the water out, in such a simple test. And I would assume getting down to depth the preassure would secure it pretty good. But I am concerned. Will it seal properly at the surface or at shallow depth?? I fear a minor bump will send water flooding in... Anyone else using this set up, can suggest any remidies or tell me if they have experienced the same thing?
  11. I had the fortune of photographing the Norwegian national swimming team as they prepare for the World Championships: http://pa.photoshelter.com/c/felixfeatures...00066809IJaAG0/ I also wrote about this on my blog if you are interested: http://felixfeatures.blogspot.com/ Hope you like it!
  12. previosly I only linked to a small gallery. Here is the full edit: http://pa.photoshelter.com/c/felixfeatures...000t8tUWEpxAFM/
  13. In that case I would recommend staying and diving out of Sharm el Sheik. Dahab on land in particular is scruffy by comparison. Though Sharm is a bigger place it is also a more well functioning place, IMHO. Enjoy, it is a great place!
  14. Freediving in Egypt. Dahab & Ras Mohammed. Fun diving and "Bizzy Blue Hole "competition.
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