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  1. Looking to sell the following items: Aquatica D200 housing with OEM M Heinrich ttl chipboard Aquatica 8" Dome port D200 camera body (spare body rarely used) Looking to sell the whole set for US$2200 including shipping from HK. Please PM me if you have interest. Thanks Reason for selling: Upgrading to the D3 Tim
  2. Thanks for the critic. It helps. And I agree. Part of the problem was the equipment. I had a 105mm on for the squid short and it was a tad long. A 60mm would have been soooo much better. Here is another squid shot, but squeezed to the left. I miss my point and shoot sometimes.........
  3. Here are a few of my favourite shots from the trip:
  4. Beautiful sunball and wide angle shots.
  5. Here is a link to some of my photos from a short trip to Lembeh. I should have made it longer! http://www.flickr.com/photos/timothytan/se...57606870223730/ As usual, critic is welcomed. Tim
  6. I stayed at the La Estrella, and dived with Cabilao Dive Centre. You can also try Polaris.
  7. haha... no. Just one but it did change colours 2 times....
  8. updated link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/timothytan/se...57602669118336/ Reloaded the pictures in sRGB. Colours look better.
  9. You are based in Lembeh now? Great! You might get our wish.... I could well be there in a month or 2.
  10. You have just made me very very jealous. Those are excellent shots you've got! Now you've got me itching to go to Lembeh..... where the heck am I going to find the time!?!
  11. Pak, how do you pack your housing in? And where do you pack your dome/flat ports? Just curious. If I can reduce the bags I carry to each trip by 1, it would really help.
  12. Thanks! That helps too. I have decided to create an action in CS3 to convert pics with 16bit Prophoto profiles into 8bit sRGB profiles. Looks like I am finally getting a decent workflow for the pics.. Thanks all! You guys have been a great help!
  13. Yes yes, I know. I usually do it. But to make sure the picture is vibrant, you would have to save 2 files from the RAW: 1 in Adobe/Prophtoto (for print), and 1 in sRGB (for web). If you save a jpeg file in Adobe/Prophoto, and subsequently convert that to sRGB for web, vibrancy is lost (just tested it). I was hoping I would not have to save an extra file but looks like there is no way around it. Thanks to Eric (sorry to wake you up so late!) and Cor for all your help. And thanks to Pak too....
  14. OK.. I will try to upload a picture in sRGB, Adobe and Prophoto into Flickr and Photobucket tonight. This should be fun..
  15. Thanks for splitting the thread. It was getting off topic. Actually, something I have observed does not jive with your thoughts. I am using Windows Explorer at the moment (in the office )and if you are right, both pictures from Photobucket and Flickr should appear desaturated on my monitor. That is not the case. The picture from Photobucket does not look desaturated while the one from Flickr does. That has got me REAL confused. If the browser does not read the colour space, why should there be differences in the pictures between 2 hosting sites? *scratch head*
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