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  1. HI, I was wondering if anyone here has tried Flash Exposure Compensation with the above combination with a D200 camera. Do you compensate via the camera or the flash?
  2. I ordered mine a month back.. Still waiting for it in Hong Kong. Jean, when is it coming?
  3. You just made me want to run out and get one this weekend... how much did the lens cost you in HK?
  4. Nice shots and congrats on the purchase. I have mine for the last month and really having fun with it. Still trying to get the hang of it after switching from the PNS but really enjoying the camera. And get insurance. You will feel a lot less stressed in the water.. and always dump the housing into a tank of water to check for leakages. Now you will be ready to purchase your second D200 body as a back up.
  5. I am using a MCON-35. Nice diopter and really fills the frame with a 105mm VR. Gave up on looking for the 6T. The MCON-35 is also discontinued but I managed to get on in Tokyo during a trip up. For those looking for a 2 element diopter, I suggest they better pick it up quickly. Every maker seems to be discontinuing their product.
  6. Hmm never had the problem. In dark/flash and well-lit situations, I get good exposure. Can you check if you have accidentally set the exposure-compensation to -2 f-stops??
  7. Interesting topic, one which I had a discussion with Mike about. In the past, I used to crop quite a bit, due to the fact that I was probably NOT a good U/W photographer. Composition to me was a Photoshop thing. After taking a photo course with Mike, I do realise that cropping does make a person lazy. To get the most out of the camera, one should try to get as close to an ideal composition at the point when the shot is taken. This is not to say it will come out perfect, but at least, it forces me to think about how I want the shot to be underwater. So now, I only crop if there is a well focused shot that is slightly off (which means my keeper rate for a decent shots drops off significantly). I can say one thing though. My photography (above and below water) has improved (and hopefully improve further) from not cropping. I guess to me it is a self-improvement thing. I want to get better and not be lazy about it. PS See Mike, I am learning!
  8. I just upgraded to the DSLR for U/W as well and I think both the 60mm and the 105mm have space in the kit bag for underwater macro photography. The 60mm is a more versatile lens, but for 1:1 you have to get a lot closer to the subject. Sometimes, that is just not possible, especially with skittish critters. The 105mm allows you to get 1:1 for the skittish stuff (hawkfish, garden eels, etc etc) by putting some distance between you and subject. Also, with a diopter, you can get some seriously dramatic macro. I understand your issue with the ability to focus up-close but frankly, being a 7070 user before, I'd say that is a handicap more than a advantage cos' you can't get that close most of the time without scaring off the subject. That said, I won't be able to switch between wide angle and macro in mid-dive now. You win some, you lose some. Tim
  9. I want one too! Looks like I'd better place my order in now...
  10. Has anyone used the MCON 35 before? I am thinking of using it with my Nikkor 105mm, given that the Nikon 6T has been discontinued. Thanks Tim
  11. it is the Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 IF-ED AF-S to be exact. The specs are here: http://www.nikonimaging.com/global/product...5-45g/index.htm I am using the AD200, with the D200. I have the components for the 105mmVR, the 60mm Micro, and the Sigma 15-30mm. And I want the 24-85mm for fish portraits and sharks, mantas and the like. Looks like I only need to get the zoom gear.
  12. Already printed out the lens chart and the retail price list Getting blake to help on this one too. Think I would need a diopter as well to get better results. I suspect I would need: #18696 zoom gear: The lens has the same diameter and the 18-70mm Zoom in the Aquatica Lens Chart #18456 extension ring : the lens is about 20mm shorter than the 105mm VR when fully extended. Correct me if I am wrong..please Edit: Just got home and measured the lens.... sigh
  13. Got a question for Aquatica and Aquatica users here. I have a 24-85mm zoom that I want to use u/w and i have absolutely no idea what zoom gear and extension ring to use. Anyone have any idea? Tim
  14. OK. I am using a similar setup but with a Ike housing. Method 1 Set your camera flash to slave. This will cancel thre preflash. Put the magnet into the D2000. This will tell the strobe that there will be no preflash. You should shoot in Manual mode. Set in MyModes aperture of f8 or f5.6, and shutter of 100/1000. Set strobe to External Auto and set the power level to f8 or f5.6. Shoot and see if it is over or underexposed. Adjust camera aperture accordingly. Method 2 I think you can actually use the s-TTL on the strobe. But you would need to set the flash to internal. Also, i also think you have to take out the magnet from the strobe. Read the manual (if you don't have the English manual, go to the shop you bought it from. They are suppose to give you one). I have always shot in Method 1. Good Luck. Tim
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