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  1. I would like to know your advice please on the Canon PowerShot S2 IS. I like the specs with the 12x zoom etc. I would only occasionally use it underwater and I am not a savy photographer, I would not realy use the manual functions much. I would however use the video mode quite a bit. Also can I get an underwater case for this one? I know you can get a case for the earlier model, the S1 but I can't find anything on the canon site about S2 cases. Thanks for your help, much appreciated
  2. I think the DSC-P93 is the way for me to go. It's actually called the DSC-P93A don't know if that makes any difference. Maybe I should get just a 512 card instead of a 1Gb. I like the idea of AA batteries instead of a proprietry pack. It would be really nice if this camera used standard SD card instead of sony pro card (those things are so expensive!). If I go the Sony DSC-P93A instead of the Canon Ixus 30 I will be paying an extra $130 is it worth the extra do you think?
  3. What about the PENTAX OPTIO MX4? It is selling cheap at the moment on ebay ($400 AU).
  4. I hear you Money is not letting me have that camera due mainly to the way expensive 1Gb of memory stick pro card that I will need to take decent video. Tell me is the SONY Cybershot DSC-P93 OK? I can get it over here for a lot less & would only set me a little over budget...
  5. Thanks for the help guys & you probably right but I really do need the 640X480 @30fps. You see the camera will be used most on dry land & its basically for family video & stills (mainly video). However I do want to be able to take video & stills underwater but to be honest I am no photographer & really I am just a point n shooter so I would not use manual options. If down the track I do become pic savy I can always trade up & get manual everything (if you know what I mean). Most of you are probably saying "get one of each" beleive me I have explored this avenue. Problem is MONEY! A video housing for a camcorder is around the $1200 - 1500 mark AU. This is way out of my budget as I would have to spend maybe $700 on a camcorder, $300 on a decent 3mp still camera & $1500 on housing for video alone which would set me back $2,500 AU & that doesn't include stills in the water! I know my video quality isn't up to camcorder status but hey it's not bad @ 30fps 640X480 look here at the canon ixus 30 video: Canon Ixus 30 - 640X480 @ 30fps - approx 18mb download in .avi format As it stands I can probably pick up the ixus 30 for around $400. But yeah maybe have to wait until someone decides to make a housing. Your thoughts?
  6. Thanks guys. I have decided to increase the budget to $800 AU. I am now looking at the Canon Ixus 30, which is called the SD200 in the states. I like the fact that it has a nice video mode & also has optical zoom. The only problem with the A95 is that it has no optical zoom (bad). I can't seem to find a housing for the Ixus 30, it seems the camera is too new & no one has made one yet. Apart from Canon's 3M waterproof case which is no good to me.
  7. Hey guys, basically I am looking for a decent camera that will also do OK video. I know that still cameras are not all that good at video but which one should I get that will do 1/2 decent job? I have been looking at the Kodak CX7430 & Kodak LS443. Are these good cameras? Basically I would like to use the camera mainly for dry land but be able to take in into the water (max 20 metres) from time to time. I guess I need a camera that will take a housing of some kind, any help would be great. I live in Australia & need to know where to buy a housing for cameras, & which camera will work best for me on a budget. Basically I don't want to spend any more than $350 Australian for the camera & yeah I don't really know how much housings cost but don't really have very much money.
  8. Thanks LF! Can you or someone else tell me what I would be looking at (approx) price for a housing for a "sony trv" camera? I was looking at the "Light and Motion StingRay II" on the site you mentioned LF but I can't find any prices. Would that be a good housing? I only really need about 40 feet but it has 330 feet, bit of an overkil for me but yeah your input is very much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone I need a budget video camera for underwater footage, mainly will be used for taking spearfishing videos. I used to own a sony TRV355E, nice camera till it got stolen I never used it in an underwater situation - but I found this "cheap" camera gave great quality footage, do you guys think this type of camera will work OK under water? I have been looking at the sony TRV285 & the samsung VP-D352I (are these OK to use?) What type of housing should I get for these cameras, upto 20 metres depth would be nice, how much $$$ & where to buy? I live in Australia. Thanks for the help, I am open to suggestions, I don't really want to spend too much money but am willing to spend a little more if the quality will be a lot better. Thanks again for any help
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