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    Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago (UASC)
    Lake Michigan wreck diving.


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    Oly E-PL7 or Oly E-PM1
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    Oly PT-EP06 & Oly PT-EP12 with Zen Dome
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    Sea & Sea YS-110a and Ikelite DS-51
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    Homemade PP arm & Al tray
  1. Adorama.com and Bandhphoto.com, both New York photo equipment distributors, offer underwater gear. Though of course you would be subject to the Canadian taxes or fees. These two along with KEH.com all offer used equipment as well. This is a way to save some money, especially on lenses or to pick up a second camera in case yopu flood your main camera. Also a way to clear out old gear, though for pennies on the dollar.
  2. Most point and shoot cameras will display the date in an image frame (I know, ugh). Is there any way to pull the metadata time information into the image frame and display it? I know this sounds awful, but this would be for timed diagnostic imaging, not photography. I use both Canon 1Ds and 5D cmeras.
  3. http://www.google.com/#hl=en&source=hp...78e48b898b2787e
  4. Just updating though a "newbie" here. Nikon P-6000 Ikelite housing; Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe and Ikelite DS-51: home brewed tray/ arm Previous cameras: Oly SP-350; PT-030 housing with Sea & Sea YS_25 Dx; YS-25 Auto; Sony P-5 and P-10 in Sony PKH housings: home brewed tray/ arm
  5. This is a sleeve mount for a Sea & Sea Motor Marine bayonet mount wide angle lens (20mm) on an Olympus PT-030 housing. A very small amount of zoom is required to avoid vignetting. I turned this from white nylon stock with a lathe. It was the only material I had available.
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