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  1. Optically and physically perfect. Comes with front and rear caps and bag. Port perfect with rear cap. Focus gear like new. 450€ (Located in Spain, happy to ship within EU)
  2. Optically and physically perfect. Comes with front and rear caps and bag. Zoom gear like new. 500€ (Located in Spain, happy to ship within EU)
  3. Optically and physically perfect. Comes with front and rear caps and bag. Port perfect with rear cap. Zoom gear like new. 400€ (Located in Spain, happy to ship within EU)
  4. Ouch. Not sure my wallet could take that sort of abuse this side of 2023. The WACP and the 12-35 would be a big step up in resolving resolution for m43. I wonder why (looking at the charts) only the original WACP-1 is showing as compatible and not the new WACP-C
  5. Its really interesting looking at what to buy today - I feel we have hit a bit of a lull since the original GH5 and the cameras that followed it. All very incremental - yes better in all aspects, but nothing that wants me to drop 10k on a system and anything that does look nice, is so so expensive for that 'little' extra. If you have nothing at the moment - wow the total cost is eye watering with the USD vs EUR/GBP for housings and the bits. I think you're right, there is zero point going APS-C vs m43 if you already have m43 - the C70 would be a nice choice if you had nothing thou. The GH6 didn't win me over as an upgrade. The A1 looks like the current contender if you can't live with the Z9 grip - but I think I would spend my money on the Z9 for the internal RAW 8K files. I'm done with anything external. The WACP-C looks like a no brainer purchase going forwards for 35mm - but for a hobby this its not cheap! As to m43 - got to be honest I feel its reached its end of life, what we have is great - love my GH5, and BMPCC4K (now we have gyro stab) but won't be buying m43 anymore. For me, for topside I'm waiting for the A7C Mkii Look forward to your A1 thoughts, I wish we could rent stuff here - when I looked it was 1/4 the cost of the camera for a week!
  6. Where are you based? I might have my NA-GH5V and GH5 for sale.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! That's a really odd thing to do, stop supporting that flash! bummer!
  8. Is the rattle coming from the lens OIS? not the body?
  9. looks amazing - much better than their older mount
  10. The HDMI 2.0 Cables from Nauticam do appear to be slightly thinker so maybe the outer sleeve is stronger. However the major benefit of the new M28 bulkhead is that there is zero breaks in the cable now. It’s straight monitor to camera. So are easier to replace as a whole and not have to wonder if it’s the internal cable or external cable that has gone bad. Still will go bad with the slightest incorrect twist or undue pressure applied mind! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I've had two of the older all black Nauticam float arms go. Both were replaced under warranty for the newer carbon / blue ringed ones.
  13. So I’ve been using cheaper end 18650 batteries with my BMPCC4K and even those sometimes are a bit tight. Then I saw backscatter advertising that the 3500 8A Nitecore fits - which surprised me! As those are much longer than other 18650’s.. Anyway bit the bullet and ordered some. They fit just - Really have to squeeze them in. So if you want the long run times - you can go 3500mAh!
  14. Anyone else notice there is now a V2 version of the bayonet system with improved pull levers (now blue). I’m trying to understand what is compatible with what. Some places say it’s backwards compatible and some places saying only new wet lenses (WWL-C) will mate with both systems. Anyone got info?
  15. Thanks Davide!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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