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  1. Really impressive! WOW! Goes to show, you don't always need the latest / greatest.
  2. I've tried them all - the 14-42mm MKII is the best out of the bunch for the WWL-1 - especially if using a DualIS Panasonic body.
  3. I'm of the understanding that the BMPCC4k doesn't apply any of in-camera optical corrections on native M43 lenses
  4. They are the Aquatica Floats http://aquatica.ca/en/tlc_individual_components_17892.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. This is a big issue for me also. I tried putting an anti glare cover on the internal screen, which helped. But then the push through buttons no longer worked [emoji1743] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hogyfot always bring their own style to things eh! I like it. From the top mount to the heavily padded cable. From a purely monitor standpoint- don’t DiveSee do some nice compact/ cheaper options also? Needs to be > 500nits I feel to make it easy to see. I had my Inferno mounted behind my GH5 like that photo- but I had the opposite issue with my eyes - the screen was too close and hard to see! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I think thats a really valid point - I remember a few years ago playing with 1/100 (for pal 25p) and it giving great results also. The waveforms on the GH5 i find too small, but they are within the video settings under Wave/Vector. Quarantine - gee man, Italy and Spain we are really locked in eh! Not sure my kit will still work when it gets wet again!
  8. With my GH5 I would normally: 4K @ 30p for output on a 24p timeline (so you gain some free slomo) Shutter: 1/60 Aperture: f5.6 (on the 14-42mm II) ISO: AutoISO up to 6400 Profile: Scenery Metering: Center Weighted
  9. Agreed the BMPCC4K isn’t good at AF. It isn’t good at lot of things I took for granted with my GH5. But what it does to well is wide dynamic range, raw recording, amazing highlight roll off and that nice colour BM has going on. - The screen on the BMPCC4K is fantastic thou for focus peaking with MF lenses mind. I would also say it’s got a very narrow use case underwater, great for static shots and scenic shots, but not the camera I would use for open water swimming or fast moving action. A Gates set would be a great choice from a ease of use perspective and travel point of view if starting from scratch. I do get frustrated with all the extra bits I’ve got attached to the GH5 and the whole handling perspective - it’s does everything and more, and is more camera than I need, but as bmffm attests to, it doesn’t do everything great. I did look at the ax100 / gates combo back when I had the GH4 and looking at ‘what next’ but I like my photography side of things too so in the end stayed with m43 - but see (with some envy) why bmffm went back to a gates. Less is more. The new canon mount Komodo Red looks super interesting, but I think we are in a whole world of wallet pain for that. The EZ cameras require monitors etc. So could end up expensive also. C200 another contender? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Good choices. If I'm honest the GH5s didn't win me over vs the older GH5 (I quickly sold off the GH5s) - the loss of the IBIS is a big ask, especially for your initial / beginner camera, having smooth video does help a lot to give your recording a more polished feel. The GH5 produces stunning video, given enough light and a good lens setup. (hint: 14-42mm ii and the WWL1 The only thing I would say about the Gates setup where it excels vs a nauticam setup, is the Gates are made to be neutrally buoyant from the get go, where as the GH5 (in a Nauticam housing) will require float arms to get it neutral, so for travel the gates might actually work out smaller for packing as you won't need to pack large float arms etc. But saying that, I would pick the GH5 (or a A6xxx APSC Sony series) over a Sony camcorder any day at the moment, I just don't think they are worth it over a hybrid.
  11. Hi Davide, I agree - the battery life of the GH5 isn't at all like the GH4 and GH3 - its not as good, I think a combination of the IBIS and processor has played a factor.
  12. Gearbow and Adam, This isn't probably what you want to hear, - but hear me out I've been there, done that, spent a fortune, and I'm still forever chasing optimal image quality (from newer cameras, more powerful lights, more lights, filters, to external recorders to raw enabled BM cameras) and in the end, it's all back down content - some of the best video I've taken was with my Hero 7 a couple of years back if I"m honest. I just watched your cave video on my 13" MacBook and for interest I also watched it on my LG 4K SuperUHD TV (note: not a OLED) and I think it looks amazing - could have been NatGeo. I was really getting hung up on video quality when it all just gets watched in a video on YouTube or on a mobile device. Agreed the WWL-1 combined with the 14-42mm II is the best combo for the GH5, I would even ride the aperture at let it go to f3.5 (that's f7 DoF eqv - if not greater with the WWL-1) Intercepter wrote about the WWL-1 being afocal also. I'm sure Wet lenses increase the DoF also. But in the end - it looked great from here, would love to dive caves myself one day.
  13. To be honest, I think the m24 port that Nauticam have developed is a great solution and due to the size will be future proof for inbound 8K cameras and all the stuff going forwards. Its just a shame many are stuck with M18 with cameras potentially limited by it.
  14. Hi Alex, I feel your pain! Having the NA-GH5 (M18) and the NA-Flame housing for my Atomos Inferno - also M18. Having gone through the expensive of getting them upgraded to M24, I was very intrigued why also. a) Physically a HDMI 90' Plug won't fit in a M18 hole - tried it, even a normal flat plug won't fit b) HDMI Mini and Micro plugs aren't all that compatible with signals past 14Gbps - so they don't support 4K or 4KDCI @ 60p at 10bit. It's not just Nauticam's issue, I tried trouble shooting the issue with so many different cables, adaptors etc to see where the issue lay, only thing that work was full sized plug based cables - I didn't find one micro to full sized hdmi cable (even if marked as Premium HDMI) that would work, even using a simple micro > full adaptor. So the only why for Nauticam to provide us with support for these new 4K and higher signals was to completely move to a straight-through, full sized 'Premium HDMI' cable - even adding breaks in the cable can degrade the performance rendering a cable not compatible with 18Gbps. More info - https://www.hdmi.org/spec/premiumcable
  15. Looks great! Good choices now if you are coming from m43 or canon to BM as both BMPCC’s are nice. Real shame they went EF and didn’t licence the newer canon mount. The image quality ( ignoring resolution for the moment ) seems very similar between the BMPCC4K and the BMPCC6K, the 6 does seem to have better shadow recovery - but it’s super close especially with colour and highlights. In regards to Resolution. I was really shocked how much more resolution you get with 5.7 / 6K frames compared to 4K, and downsampling those to 4K you are getting more colour info per pixel. Nice it have and like you say some cropping ability in post too. Would love 6K on my BMPCC4K!! However it seems 6K S35 underwater comes at a cost. The total cost of getting the 6K underwater compared to the 4K when you factor in the cost of the WACP vs WWL1, the $1000 difference in body and optics, I’m sure is probably going to be towards $5k in cost differential. Ouch. Plus there is the issue of the S35 crop and not utilising all of the WACP benefits. Defo want one / more resolution! But a few gotchas and price issues not making me want to drop everything for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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