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  1. Where are you based? I might have my NA-GH5V and GH5 for sale.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! That's a really odd thing to do, stop supporting that flash! bummer!
  3. Is the rattle coming from the lens OIS? not the body?
  4. looks amazing - much better than their older mount
  5. The HDMI 2.0 Cables from Nauticam do appear to be slightly thinker so maybe the outer sleeve is stronger. However the major benefit of the new M28 bulkhead is that there is zero breaks in the cable now. It’s straight monitor to camera. So are easier to replace as a whole and not have to wonder if it’s the internal cable or external cable that has gone bad. Still will go bad with the slightest incorrect twist or undue pressure applied mind! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I've had two of the older all black Nauticam float arms go. Both were replaced under warranty for the newer carbon / blue ringed ones.
  8. So I’ve been using cheaper end 18650 batteries with my BMPCC4K and even those sometimes are a bit tight. Then I saw backscatter advertising that the 3500 8A Nitecore fits - which surprised me! As those are much longer than other 18650’s.. Anyway bit the bullet and ordered some. They fit just - Really have to squeeze them in. So if you want the long run times - you can go 3500mAh!
  9. Anyone else notice there is now a V2 version of the bayonet system with improved pull levers (now blue). I’m trying to understand what is compatible with what. Some places say it’s backwards compatible and some places saying only new wet lenses (WWL-C) will mate with both systems. Anyone got info?
  10. Thanks Davide!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’ve designed something on my 3D printer for my underwater camera rig and confirm it’s the right spec for what I need - but plastic isn’t strong enough. Is there anywhere in the UK or Europe that for that matter, that can print/ cut aluminium and power coat it for reasonable costs for one of small pieces?
  12. OMG. That’s crazy Davide! Great find John - I think take ZCAM off your list, looks like a nonstarter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Completely agree on all points Davide :-) For sure ‘out of warranty’ we / I might have issues. Mine have been fine so far - of the little diving I’ve done recently :-( I too was very very skeptical about the performance of the G18’s - so many cheap Chinese lights promising lots of power only to be very crap. But drefish did some excellent testing back in January 2019 side by side with other brands: https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63400-testing-3-10k-lumen-lights-gates-gt14-vs-scubalamp-v6k-vs-jaunt-g18-plus/ And that sold me on them, especially considering we know they are using CREE CXB CRI92 arrays. I do think the original CRI98 Luna8s were special - I had the same ones as you. I agree that 18k lm is very optimistic and definitely a marketing poly - but from an Image exposure point of view from Drefish tests above they are generating at least >15k lm from the tests done. So for me they were a massive improvement over 5k. But back to Keldans. If I had unlimited funds - I’ll be there :-)
  14. John, I've owned Keldan lights - and they truly are fantastic - and if money was no object I would probably be on the new 24,000lm packs with the remote controls and all the goodies But (and I'm sorry to Daniel for saying this) there are much much cheaper options out there (DivePro being the one I'm currently using) that perform just as good for 1/2 or 1/3 of the money - there is nothing special about the LED COB Arrays (quality / power of the light) used throughout the industry for the higher powered units - they either come from CREE, LUMINUS or similar and most manufacturers (if they are any good) will provide info on which array (and what binning) they are using. Keldan's are built better and no doubt use good quality lithium packs - but this I can't see these aspects alone being worth that much of a difference. The other thing to watch out for is travelling with them, I had the Luna 8 as they were called back them - and its a pain travelling with the bulky dome fronts. Just my 2c - As to the ZCAMs - you will be forced into getting a Ninja V (or similar) at the minimum for monitor support - add the cost of a housing for that also - its not such a bargain as a GH5 or BMPCC4/6K. Its a shame the BMPCC6K isn't using the new canon mirrorless mount like the Komodo - as that would be a good option also for future proofing lens choice, while still being relatively cheaper than other options at the moment.
  15. Personally - as someone owning and using Atomos products and all the underwater housings that go with it Don't do it. if you are spending your own money. The amount of bulk these external records add - plus the Odyssey is huge (and its discontinued..) is a lot if you are going to travel with it. Do I like my Shogun's 7" brighter screen and the better viewing position - oh yes, but it doubles the size of my camera rig - and weight too - and yes there is a marginal improvement in image quality going to ProRes from the GH5 - or now ProResRAW with the NinjaV and newer cameras - but it then needs its own bag on the boat etc - all for little improvement. Its a ball ache using it if you aren't on a liveaboard. I use it with my BMPCC4k just as a larger screen. There is zero wrong (some IBIS would be sweet mind..) with the BMPCC4K, its got loads of DR, its got RAW and is 12bit - a lot to like, and its relatively cheap now - its just lacking resolution comparatively with the current gen of incoming cameras. Saying that the newly released mid tier camcorders from Sony (FX6) and Canon (C70) are still only '4k' today. If you want something now - just go 2nd hand on a GH5 orBMPCC4K and spend the money on wet lenses, lights (things that will out last your camera) even a trip! and enjoy.
  16. Great question John, I personally think we are in a bit of a change over phase from HD, 4K,SDR to 8K HDR and anything you buy today isn't what I would call future proofed at all - and with anything underwater camera related - it ain't cheap - so its got to last. I don't know about you, but my camera setup(s) when I purchase them I want to last 4-5yrs at least - and you're right buying a GH5 now might not be the best option - I mean the GH5 and BMPCC4K/6K are great for today, but in 2025 say??? They (and everything similar) all produce wonderful imagery at present (and its credit to the GH5 its still holding its own against cameras 3yrs+ newer) If the only place you view them is online via YT or FB then and you're not making money from it - perhaps nothing more is needed now or for a while - I'll even go as fair as admit that I found an older video of mine on FB the other day, via the history thing that pops up, and it was amazing quality (to me) and I couldn't remember which camera I recorded on - then I remembered it was my Hero 7.... so gee I don't even need my GH5 or BMPCC4K... We have ProRes RAW slowly slowly becoming more mainstream - and I can see eventually some cameras supporting that in-camera so you won't need an external monitor - and underwater having the ability to alter the WB etc after the fact is real nice. We have 8K screens, which obviously will demand 8K/12K sensors and then we have HDR and wide dynamic range. Interesting times - but if I was buying today, its a hard decision. Maybe get some super lights and a Hero 8 to tide me over...
  17. I'll dig out some more HDMI cables and my GH5 / Inferno and have a further look
  18. Hi Davide, can confirm it’s as soon as the HDMI is active. How strange!
  19. Really impressive! WOW! Goes to show, you don't always need the latest / greatest.
  20. I've tried them all - the 14-42mm MKII is the best out of the bunch for the WWL-1 - especially if using a DualIS Panasonic body.
  21. I'm of the understanding that the BMPCC4k doesn't apply any of in-camera optical corrections on native M43 lenses
  22. They are the Aquatica Floats http://aquatica.ca/en/tlc_individual_components_17892.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. This is a big issue for me also. I tried putting an anti glare cover on the internal screen, which helped. But then the push through buttons no longer worked [emoji1743] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Hogyfot always bring their own style to things eh! I like it. From the top mount to the heavily padded cable. From a purely monitor standpoint- don’t DiveSee do some nice compact/ cheaper options also? Needs to be > 500nits I feel to make it easy to see. I had my Inferno mounted behind my GH5 like that photo- but I had the opposite issue with my eyes - the screen was too close and hard to see! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I think thats a really valid point - I remember a few years ago playing with 1/100 (for pal 25p) and it giving great results also. The waveforms on the GH5 i find too small, but they are within the video settings under Wave/Vector. Quarantine - gee man, Italy and Spain we are really locked in eh! Not sure my kit will still work when it gets wet again!
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