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  1. No worries A 3d printed version of the Nauicam #17916 Monitor hood for NA-501 /502 is in the works for the NA-BMPCCII and 501/502 housings.
  2. Hi Snackers, I have/had the 7-14mm, which I used behind the 170mm dome from Zen, it's a lovely lens (I have it still for land use) - but as noted its soft in the corners at wide apertures behind a dome. I have since switched to the afore mentioned 14-42mm II + WWL1 combo - which is indeed a nicer setup as its 1) sharper and 2) so much more versatile. The WWL1 due to its 0.37x magnification makes the 14-42mm become a 5mm-15mm semi-fisheye and when you remove the WWL-1 the 14-42mm becomes an 18mm-55mm - so gives you great flexibility, which in turn you can attach the CMC wet lense or simailr for even greater macro. I don't know the minimum focus distance of the 14-42mm at 42mm (55mm) while underwater, so potentially it might not be a great macro lens by itself. The other benefit is the use of Dual-IS2 with this particular lens.
  3. The original prototype only had M16/M18 ports (and no tripod support) - however the retail / final version does indeed have the new M24 port - probably so they can sell you an NA-NINJAV as a viewfinder However the BMPCC4K only outputs 1080p 10bit via HDMI - so the need for HDMI2.0 and thus the fullsize HDMI cable isn't needed. (But is more durable - so welcome) CFast was indeed a weird choice (not a card I'm going to buy! $$$$) with XQD / CFExpress becoming the more go-to card due to being PCI based and not SATA so more future proof for data rates. As to the SSD - yes the housing is designed to fit one on top. I've ordered a couple of 1TB T5 Samsung drives, from my understanding they can support Q5 quality and 5:1.
  4. Vance has done a write up for Nauticam about the camera / housing: https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/news/na-bmpcc4k-with-cinematographer-vance-burberry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sold. Sorry for not updating the post earlier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for this. Just got around to watching it today. Very concise and to the point. Really explained clearly the Dual ISO - and how to use it to your advantage. Some good pointers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I know I was against the BMPCC4K to being with (having had the GH5s and discounted it) as an upgrade from the GH5 - but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of RAW, internal recording and for me the smaller travel setup compared to my GH5/Inferno, - and there is only one way of proving or disproving yourself - got to try it out for myself... so I bit the bullet. Not selling the GH5 - Ideally I would like to get them both in the water at the same time, to report back on a side by side, and i think the GH5 will sit well as a photo rig - its what to do with the inferno - keep it as a lovely screen for the BMPCC4k (but then this negates the travel aspect) or sell it on. Will report back once I have it all in my hands - but I believe there will be others in the water sooner than me, so will be keeping an eye on vimeo and youtube.
  8. Indeed...hopefully mine will be posted by Alex tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 100m :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 100m :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. For people considering the BMPCC4k or a GH5 (or people looking at upgrading...) I've tried my best to match the housing sizing to get an idea on travel sizing. Top I've matched the n85 port and front latch. Bottom matching the rear latch sizing and vacuum led size - its not 100% but enough to showcase the relative housing sizing.
  11. I read about this too and wondered how they got 18,000lm from a nominally rated 12,000lm COB array - hence why I asked them directly what model and binning they used. I too was a bit weary about the claim too. They are using the 5000k 72v variant with the CD binning - order code: CXB3590-0000- 000R0UCD50G. As the CXB3590 has a max efficiency of 174 lumen per watt (https://www.cree.com/led-components/products/xlamp-leds-integrated-arrays/xlamp-cxb3590) and with the G18+ battery putting out 103.6 Watts (14.8v * 7000mA) - that gets to you 18,026 Lumens. From the PDF, it seems you can drive the COB arrays at higher voltages (up to 78v) and higher amps (up to 1800mA) which provides you will the higher Lumen rating than the nominal 12,000lm at 1200mA at 85'c, plus we are running these under cool water, so the constant output won't drop. I'm sure they aren't outputting the full 18,000lm (as that is the optimal output) but as they are similar as the GT14 from Drefish tests, so we are definitely getting massive output in the > 15,000lm+ region.
  12. There is a great post by Drefish about how he compared the Gates GT14, ScubaLamp V6K Pro's and the Jaunt G18's - and the follow on discussion about other brands. I've had Keldans (and yes you're right 5000lm isn't enough), I then had the V6K Pro's and sold them for the Jaunt G18 Plus, which for the money are the best ratio of power/cost/build They are available on Alibaba direct from the manufacturer . https://jaunt.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.wholesale.cordpanyb.1.3eec4bb9RoUoJL Great service and fast delivery, obviously if servicing and warranty are important factors, buying locally might is better.
  13. This is my current setup (minus lights) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Lens: WWL1 with the 14-42mm Arms will be standard 8” + 90’ 220mm Nauticam carbon float Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 95' in water - 140' in air = due to the flat port. For comparison, Keldan 8X are 110' in water, 120' in air due to the dome
  16. After payment was received, they were delivered via DHL Express in 5 days yesterday. Very impressed.
  17. Yeah for sure Keldan provide spectrum analysis of their lights, and you can be sure the power is bang on the money - and the charging activity and battery level stuff is real nice now - mine had the older LED indicator, not the newer LCD display. My units also used the Luminus Devices COB array's s and not CREE. Some of the claims by some of the lesser know manufacturers are crazy (looking at 10,000lm lights on ebay and Alibaba what a joke! - there is some shady units on offer ) But it was drefish's tests above that has shown that the power and beam angle is definitely there from these lights (and burn-time), and quizzing Jaunt directly they have provided the exact model and binning id's of the CREE CXB3690 modules used - so I have no doubt to the output or their claims. The big on/off button on the G18 is a nice improvement over the V6K button - and I will say the Keldan magnetic switch isn't without issue - one didn't work 100% for me below 80m, I had to go passed the first click and the back to engage level 1. I'm spending my own money (sadly) - so some factor of budgeting is needed - and these Jaunt seem to hit a real sweet spot. If I was spending someone else's money - yeah I'd be all over the 24x Keldan's
  18. I think you are right on the money there As to buying lights. I've had Keldan's before (Luna 8 CRI + the cyan modules), beautiful lights - but the build quality of these Jaunt's is very nice, and my ScubaLamp's previously have been very good too - not the same as Keldan I agree - but thats the only thing that can really differentiate between these cheaper brands and Gates and Keldan - as the LED arrays are from the same place, so light quality is the same, can't comment on the lithium 18650 quality either as they are sealed so perhaps Gates/Keldan are using nicer quality ones.
  19. Well we (myself and another forum member) have had a shipment of 8x Jaunt G18+'s arrive Just for info the batteries are now labelled 6800MAH - which brings them in at under 98Wh - so no issues with airplane transport
  20. Agreed. Just thought it was interesting, if you were already at ISO 800 and wanted another stop on top, you wouldn’t be able to do it via raw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yes this is per clip. As you can modify the iso, white balance, tint on a per clip basis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Interesting RAW editing observation with the BMPCC4k.. Due to the dual ISO configuration, you are only able to change the ISO values in Resolve within the two individual ranges [100-1000] [1250-25600] - so if you wanted to go from 800 to 1600, this is no possible.
  23. Only thing I've learned is to try and stay with the builtin grading tools - having purchased ColorFinale and other tools, they all end up crashing or going weird after updates and the like. So now just FCPX vanilla. Forgot to add - I used to use the Alex4D Channel Mixer to great effect - but this plugin can be done via the newer builtin hue/sat curves.
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