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  1. Having sold the majority of my EPL3 equipment, I have this remaining to sell: 1x Zen Underwater DP-100-EP 8mm Fisheye Dome Port (for the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye) (comes with spare o-rings, front and back caps, box and instructions) In excellent condition. Only used on one trip to Truk on a handful of dives. The Dome, is located in Gibraltar/Spain - I will include FREE delivery for either UK or Spanish based buyers. Other locations, I will have to get quotes for, for you. Price: £400.
  2. I've just moved 'sideways' from an EPL3 to a GH3. I think the 43 system is a fantastic tool for underwater! Regards Rich.
  3. Howdy All, Sorry to ask such a basic question, but any pointers / tips with shooting with a GH3 underwater? Saturation Levels Colors ...other settings? Also lenses - I have lens from my previous E-PL3 (8mm and 60mm) but looking at wide angle video. Any examples of using the 12-35mm (is it wide enough - I think 84o) as the 7-14mm and 9-18mm don't have any OIS. Thanks Richard
  4. I've just got the Ninja2 (to go with a GH3) Thanks for Nick for asking the same questions and thanks to Moray Eel for the additional info / shots Rich
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