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  1. https://youtu.be/1b-yj_YXBoM?t=328 Looks like you can use a center box for manually setting WB
  2. The guy posted the settings used: “31-66ft, Braw Q0, set WB to 8000k” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Great stuff [emoji1303] Wow!! What version of the Keldan filters did you buy? S1, M2 or D2 ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Great find! Taking nothing away from his cinematography - as it’s a great little piece. Love the inquisitive fish! But I’m not sure what to think, perhaps I’m expecting more from it. Perhaps Im expecting too much. Colours remind me of GH4 tbh - which is a bit of a surprise. [emoji20] I think the dynamic range looks good- no harsh roll off, and it has a lovely organic feel to it. But not sure....would I spend $3.5k ($5.5k on new kit, $2k back from the GH5) on moving from my GH5 / Atomos combo. You can defo see the lack of IBIS and OIS with the camera and 7-14mm lens. I really *really* want to love it, and I really fancy trying RAW, 4K and 12Bit (I have a body on preorder) and for me, it’s a much smaller package for travel - but that video hasn’t sold me... Great to know they are out there in the wild, await more footage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Replying from Tapatalk. Amazing Adam. Thanks! Thanks [emoji1317] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Nice spot! Thats different - and a welcome update! I know that HDMI 2.0 isnt really needed - as I believe its limited to 1080 on the BMPCC4K - but makes it easier to use the upcoming monitor options which I presume will all be M24 going forward. Looks like a 3month wait for new orders on BMPCC4Ks - must be very popular
  7. Ouch. Thats one expensive housing. Looking forward to someone getting one underwater, will be interesting to see if its worth it. Odd that Nauticam went with the older M18 port for HDMI. Its shame that the image quality isnt a massive jump from the GH series as I would be tempted - always fancied a RAW capable video camera. Hears hoping the GH6 gets ProResRAW...
  8. Yes, sorry I wasnt being clear enough. There is indeed micro hdmi cables that support HDMI2.0 - its the combination of micro hdmi and the number of breaks in the cable that appear to be the issue. Breaks in full size cables (well at least 90 adapters) dont seem to stop 4k@60 signals, but just one adaptor with micro hdmi seems to stop It.
  9. Hi Adam, Any updates on the Tapatalk. I notice we are unable to reply to posts etc from the App
  10. Its due to using Micro HDMI. No solution for existing GH5 housing. They have now moved to a larger M24 port on their new housings (see the NA-XT3) so can support a straight through full size HDMI cable (so 4K60p@10bit) and they have updated the NA-FLAME to take this new cable too. Its annoying for sure - I found out (the hard way) too!
  11. Absolutely amazing! Care to share filming techniques? Lighting setup etc? Camera setup? Wow!!!
  12. For Sale: 2x ScubaLamp V6K PRO video light with 12,000 lumens In great / very good condition, only used a few times. Each light comes in its own case, with spare o-rings, international charger and also custom made neoprene protective covers 450e each / 900e for the pair. (EUROS) Happy to ship within EU. Specs: Aluminium body construction. 12,000lm CRI 95 Beam angel: 120º Color temperature: 5600ºK Brightness: - Turbo mode 12000 lumens 60 min. + Infinitely variable Battery: 18650 x 8 lithium battery pack Depth: 100m Size: 235 x 56mm Weight: 840g on land and 560g underwater (Data by manufacturer)
  13. you would hope the inbound ninjaV housing would fit this also - my only concern is the different battery mounting.
  14. The Shogun inferno can do this with the RAW signal being sent via SDI, so if the RAW signal is the same - I presume the Ninja V will be able to do so too. Speaking with Atomos, it seems the current Inferno's won't be getting HDMI RAW (they are incoming FW updates soon thou) due to the HDMI chipset used in the NinjaV being a custom Atomos silicon, more than off the shelf chips in the Inferno's.
  15. So yesterday, Nikon confirmed that the HDMI RAW output will be at 12bits at UHD or FullHD (I'm not sure if they mean, thats selectable, or they haven't decided!)
  16. The Z6 does look a very interesting contender going forward - I feel the 2nd round of Mk2 bodies will be a better bet mind in 2020 - as all of the new MIL FF cameras all seem have issues being gen 1 versions. 4K crops, no 4K@60, AF issues, battery life etc - much like when Sony starting down the A7 road. But man, I was shocked when I saw the news - Nikon leading the way! Its going to put a lot of pressure on the other companies - how will Canon, Sony and Panasonic protect their (expensive) cinema cameras from their own cheaper DSLR style cameras - as if they don't add HDMI RAW output to complete with Nikon - and the raw performance of the Nikon is good - it will eat a lot of both their C300, EVA, FS7 cinema lines and also their EOS-R, A7 and S1 models going forward. Good play Nikon...(they don't have any cinema cameras to protect..) Sadly for the Z6, if you are looking at the Nauticam housing solution, they potentially might have to release a new revision of their current housing to support the new M24 port found on the NA-XT3, as the Nauticam MicroHDMI cable (and M18 port) is only able to support HDMI1.4 specs - not HDMI2.0 - So unless HDMI RAW is very efficient and able to run at below 10Gbps, the current housing won't be able to support HDMI Raw. Exciting times ahead, looking forward to 2020 - 8K, HDMI RAW, Full Frame - lots of goodies
  17. If you like shooting the CineD profile - I would think the CineV profile would be a better in-camera starting point, as the contrast is much better. TBH I would prefer to get the colour and contrast set in camera and liked the scenery profile previously with increases in contrast to +3 and hue to +1, but been playing with vlogl only to see how HDR works (and failing! LOL), but its pain and actually prefer using a baked Rec709 profile. The Like709 profile is quite punchy too. Agreed also about the GH5 white balance - its so much better than the GH4 and previous, but not amazing still.
  18. I'm shooting VLOG-L with my GH5 and using the standard Panasonic V35 Lut for the starting point. Happy so far with the results, I purchased the Alexa GHa, LeemingLut and the JooWorks ones to try - with the best being the GHa one, but they aren't suitable for UW work...
  19. Ive taken my GH5, 35mm port and WWL-1 to past 100m (to which they are all rated) so thats one option for deep wide angle - the WWL-1 and flat port. Bit more expensive, but at least rated to those depths.
  20. Completely agree, I can see a few people adding the NinjaV or similar to the BMPCC4k to get it more stable. Having the 7" Inferno behind my GH5, along with the WWL-1, has made it a lot longer and has increased the stability of the whole 'rig' a few car tyre weights on the bottom of the Inferno, has made my whole system neutral and not prone to any tilting. It helps to know the camera doesn't disappear while faffing with BO cylinders too
  21. I've got a couple of Cinebags, the GoPro bag and also their big rucksack, if I hadn't ordered them from overseas, I would have returned them. - Their underwater stuff seems so much better quality, than their normal camera bits. The padding and quality is awful against ThinkTankPhoto stuff. My current arrangement is (for BA, United etc) ThinkTank Security V2 Roller and a LowePro Hackback 22ltr for personal item For smaller flights DIY'd normal roller 22" using clothes as padding Cooper 13" DSLR shoulder bag for personal item
  22. Thanks Adam, I know many forums disable Tapatalk due to loss of advertising revenue, greatto see you are going to fix it. You thought of adding premium / subscriptons (like Scubaboard) to help with the funding of WetPixel?
  23. It's good to see them moving forward and going M24 for cabling - and going with a straight through cable is the only solution for providing the 4k@60p 10bit. 18Gbps for HDMI2.0. It seems any breaks for bulkhead connections, causes big drops in performance. Sadly for the NA-Z7 housing - they will probably have to re-release that, as that is only M18.
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