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  1. Congrats on a great site and great photos. I couldnt pick out a favorite, there are so many outstanding images.
  2. I used NIMH for the dives I did. I did change the batteries every third dive, (about 120 shots) even though their capacity was probably better than that. I had no problems whatsoever. http://www.pbase.com/elif/nature_photos
  3. http://www.pbase.com/elif/nature_photos I uploaded the images to Pbase so they can be displayed fullscreen as per your suggestion.
  4. Thanks for the compliments. No, I didnt use any auxillary lenses. I dont know if my outfit can take these. The camera can focus to about 4 inches on macro mode. A wider angle would be nice for really big critters, but I didnt encounter any.
  5. Here are some photos I took while at St Thomas USVI and Curacao this past summer, about 10 dives in total. My outfit is a Canon S40, Canon WPDC300 housing, and a Sea & Sea YS90DX strobe. All photos were shot with manual strobe settings, either shutter or aperture priority mode on the camera, and flash exposure at minus 2 f stops to save batteries. I was happy with my outfit except I had terrible problems with the lens port fogging. The antifog works but cuts down on the resolution. I couldnt find a silica gel pack small enough to fit in the housing. (On dry land the resolution of this camera is awesome!) If people are interested I will buy space to enable full screen viewing of images. All images are modified in Photoshop. Thanks to Bob Jarman, and everyone here for posting such helpful info and such great photos. http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/egmcradonc/lst?...tein+MD&.view=t
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