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  1. Hi Simon, We have a couple of 7D housings available for rent. Nauticam, S&S and Aquatica. You can check out my rentals site for price. www.h2ocamerarentals.com we do ship worldwide.
  2. There are some pics already out there, however I will have both pics and video of the rig in action from tomorrow's shoot! We also did some detailed product photos on Tuesday, so I will have those up on our websites soon.
  3. Yesterday we received a prototype of the Gates 3DA1 housing. I spent a couple hours playing with it in the store, putting the camera in it, and checking out the controls. When you first look at it, its obvious that the main shell body is nearly identical to the EX1/EX1r shell, however it is a bit longer. As of right now, I only have the flat port to test out, however Gates is working on a wide angle option. With the flat port, the FOV is approximately 50 degrees, or a tad short of that I believe. Gates has been working hard on a monitor solution for this housing, and they have come up with the solution of using their EM43 Monitor along with a necessary converter to get the proper signal out. One disappointing thing with the camera is that it will not send the Mix signal through the Video out, which makes it much easier to see if the convergence is spot on. However, I hear that a solution might be in the works when utilizing the Nano 3D...but I do not have details on that just yet. It will be very interesting to shoot 3D underwater, learn convergence and take that into consideration when planning out shots. I have a short list of shots Id like to get tomorrow at Catalina, so wish me luck! We are working closely with Clifton Production Services in Los Angeles. They have loaned us their 3DA1 camera to use for a few days, and they will also be editing our 3D footage in hopes of getting some nice sample clips. I am also working on shooting a few shots of an RC Helicopter in action with this camera. More details to come.
  4. Unfortunately, I did not have a used Nikon version right now. I thought we did but my Ebay guy informed me it already sold on Ebay. Ill let you know if I receive anymore!
  5. We have an opening for a full time position at H2O Photo Pros in Orange County, CA. 2010 has been a very exciting year for us, albeit a very challenging year. We have been through significant growth along with some growing pains. We are looking for a full time person to work in our Irvine, CA retail store. Job duties will entail Customer Service, Sales, Phone and Email Support, and Order Assembly. For more information, please email me directly mike@h2ophotopros.com Thank you!
  6. I will check tomorrow. I think we have one or two of the TTL-III Nikon's in the shop.
  7. Definitely looks like you have chosen a heck of a system. You will be very pleased with the Nauticam housing, it is very ergonomic, compact in size, and robust. One thing I would consider, if funds allow, is going with the Zen 200mm (8") Dome over the Nauticam 8.5" acrylic. Other than that, everything looks great.
  8. I shall be there all week, and for the WP/DPG party.
  9. I have two slightly used 110a strobes in the store right now. They were used on one trip. We are selling them for $575 each, still under warranty, and look near new.
  10. I would highly consider H2O Insurance through DAN. They have very reasonable premiums. Deductibles are based on the damage, and a check is cut quite rapidly. Our customers have had much better service with them over DEPP in the recent years.
  11. I would definitely go with the Flip. Here is a sample video I shot with the previous model in the Ikelite housing. Its perfect for snorkeling, good quality, and you can see what you are shooting. Plus the camera itself is great to use around about on your trip. Flip HD VIdeo
  12. Im going to get me Maxim! hahaha
  13. The way I have been diving my set ups is my set of 110a strobes for stills, and then a dual set of either Fix 1000 or Sola 600 lights. Works great for macro video.
  14. Lets see it happen now. It seems to me like the 3d cameras are coming out in more shapes and sizes much faster than HD did. I played with Fuji's little 3d point and shoot the other night, very very cool!
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