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  1. There is a purpose behind the bent up bar design. It was put there as a handle for use giving the user leverage when pushing the top buttons that access the Canon remote control. When I held and played with the housing, I was fine with just holding the housing with my right hand and just push the buttons with my left hand and not using the bent arm...however the concept behind the bent arm is to hold that arm with your left hand to give you leverage while using your left thumb to push down on the button controls is easier for the end user. It also acts as a nice handle to hold the system.

  2. I have been playing with both the Flip Ultra HD in Ike housing, and the new JVC package from Ikelite. I have yet to hold or play with the Kodak camera. My input so far, I like the Flip Ultra HD better than the Ike/JVC combo. The flip feels much better built. I like that it has the flip out USB connector for charging and downloading. The JVC you must use a cable to charge it or download it...however the JVC does allow you to use a memory card as opposed to just built in.


    Initially, i find the Flip to be a better quality image as well. Ill be putting it to more tests very soon and have some sample video. These are all EXCELLENT for freedivers due to their small size and ease of use.

  3. Nice one Ryan ;) The Bluefin C for the HF S10/S11 is a great housing as well. Both the Gates and the L&M have their advantages as is usually the case. I'd be happy with either of them, but I know some prefer mechanical vs. electronic, and vice versa.


    Oh one last thing, I just spoke to Gates today, our housings should be shipping out tomorrow!!!

  4. @Catfish. I will have pics of the back as soon as we get our housings in this week.


    As for the ports. The Flat Port is macro port. The Standard port is a small dome with little to no zoom through. The FOV is quite narrow (specs for this camera coming soon). I only recommend it if you are on an EXTREMELY tight budget. The flat port and the GP are what you will want for this system

  5. Here are three pictures of the housing, shown with the GP32 Wide Angle port. There is a close up picture of the controls for the remote. We will have these in stock the day they begin shipping as our courier will pick them up from Gates (should be this week).


    Pricing is as follows:


    Housing; $2490

    Moisture Alarm: $167

    GP 32 wide angle port: $680

    Flat Port: $158

    Standard Port: $158


    You can view the housing on our site as well here Gates HF S11 Housing (Please note there is a page formatting error right now, but it is being corrected as we speak)




  6. If you would like to use the Ike strobes, Id suggest going with the optional Nikonos bulkhead. Its an option on the Fix G10 housing, and Im pretty sure it will be an option on the G11...I will double check on that and get back to you.


    As far as wide angle options for the Fix housing, the only option is the Fisheye UWL-04 Fisheye Conversion lens. The Ikelite housing is has a wet mountable wide angle conversion dome. That housing is polycarbonate, and is larger in size.

  7. I played with the housing extensively at DEMA. The utilization of the Canon remote for full camera functionality is very impressive. The housing was scheduled to start shipping today, however I did not receive confirmation that they did, so I believe it will be first thing next week. Im excited to get our first shipment in and take one out for a spin!! The GP32 wide angle port will give it an approximate coverage of 85 degrees. Have you seen pictures of it?? If not, I can post them up here.

  8. I will say the Tuamotus are my favorite place in the world. The South Pass of Fakarava is untouched and is a trek and an experience all on its own. The diving is fantastic, but can be challenging to some. The main thing is, French Polynesia is EXPENSIVE to say the least!! I did a trip last November for 2 weeks to Tahiti, Moorea, Rangiroa, North and South Passes of Fakarava...and WOOOWWW was food outrageous!! Plus the cost of the interisland flights, and the hotels.


    Needless to say, it is well worth it, but Indonesia or the Philippines are definitely a cheaper trip!

  9. Yes we have been selling that Fisheye Conversion lens since it came out for the Fix G10 housings. It will now fit the new Fix G11 housings when they start shipping in a week or two hopefully. The fisheye conversion lens is extremely sharp at the corners. 130 degrees is real wide, great for big animals and reef scenes. It is important to note it is NOT a wetmate lens. This is a port itself and must be changed before getting in the water.


    Let me know if you have any other specific questions I can answer for you.

  10. I have just booked an awesome New Years charter for 2010 into 2011. We booked the Misool Eco Resort for 8 days in Raja Empat. Our group will have its own entire island and the entire resort. Following the resort, we will be picked up by the new Indonesian Schooner from Worldwide Dive and Sail for an additional 7 nights through Raja and Fak Fak. Its a full custom itinerary, with both facilities catering to our group of photographers and videographers.


    Limited load, pristine conditions, new boat and fairly new eco resort with over water bungalows!

  11. A camcorder and housing with MWB for under 2k...not many choices. Most of the housings that offer MWB control are the higher end housings. The only option, which would still be just over 2k. You can look at the Ikelite Housing and the Sony HC9 ($1300 for housing, $900 for camera), or you would be better off going with the Sony XR 500 and the Ike housing. That will put you at about $2400.


    If budget allows, you might want to seriously consider the Gates Housing and XR 520, Gates housing and Canon HF S11, or Light and Motion Stingray Plus with optional electronic Left handle. Those would be the next step up from the Ike systems and would offer many additional features such as (aluminum housing, better optics, more ergonomic controls, smaller in size, better controls).


    Good luck, let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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