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  1. Its definitely a really nice housing. L&M did a fantastic job on the new CX 520 housing, it is TRULY one touch white balance. The way it works is they have programmed the electronics so when you hit the WB button, it sends a series of commands to the camera to manually white balance...no longer do you have to hit Menu-White Balance-then MWB-then close Menu, its all done with one button!! Absolutely amazing!!
  2. Thanks for uploading the pics Ryan. The G11 will likely be $1099. I do not believe (correct me if Im wrong Ryan) pricing is set for the S90.
  3. Writing you an email now Cole. I know right where that is, I eat at Mi Casa all the time
  4. Very nice. It might actually be time to get out and dive locally!!! Nice pic!!
  5. I just returned from DEMA and there was some great news at the Fisheye/Reef Photo Booth. Fisheye should be shipping the Fix G11 housing this month! I got my hands on a prototype and its a beauty! It too will use the UWL-04 fisheye wide angle lens like the G10, and will use the same flip macro lenses. Pricing is not set yet, but is likely to be $1099 Also, I had the chance to see diagrams of the planned S90 housing which should ship before the year is over. The S90 housing is approximately the same size as the g11 camera body!! That means two excellent new compact machined aluminum housings this year!
  6. That is amazing!!! I had it planned to be there right now but couldnt make it...totally jealous!!
  7. I have a brand new one in box still if you are interested.
  8. Cole: I have a barely used housing for the 5d Mark II. It is the Sea and Sea housing. It only has 5 dives, still has all accessories. PM me and lets make a deal.
  9. Unfortunately no, I have not had the opportunity to dive with it in the ocean, only play with one of the prototype housings in the store.
  10. Ive had the opportunity to play with the new Bluefin for the CX 500/520. It is MUCH easier to Manually White Balance than it is with the XR series camcorders. With the XR series, you still must access MWB through the manual touch screen on the side of the housing. With the new CX cameras, they were able to access the MWB through the fingertip controls on the housing, thus making it much easier and similar to how it is done on the HF S10/S11 Bluefin housing. The new Bluefin CX500/520 housing will only come as a pro model, with the flip macro starting at $4199. The upgraded handle for the Stingray will operate the MWB, but you will not have access to the other controls such as manual focus, flip macro, etc.
  11. Eric, will we have "similar" company serving us drinks??
  12. Alex, if I read it correctly, him and his buddy swapped and put his camera into the Gates housing, and his buddy's camera into his L&M housing. His camera white balanced at depth in the Gates housing, and at the same time, his buddy's camera did NOT WB in the L&M housing. That leads me to believe there was a wider angle port being used on the Gates housing than there was on the L&M housing, thus more light was getting into the camera on the Gates set up. My initial thought, the Bluefin had the stock port, and the Gates may have had the upgraded WP25 port...
  13. Many of the smaller cameras tend to have WB troubles at depth due to lighting conditions. I understand your test was at the same depth, etc only difference was the housing. However, did you have idential ports as well?? A wider port will allow more light in. Being that the MWB on your L&M housing is mechanical, it would not be a housing issue. Are you using lights or just ambient? Was your buddy using lights?
  14. If it is am acrylic port, I have found Lemon Pledge to work the best
  15. Although there is no perfect bag for all occasions, Ive found that the Airport Acceleration works for about 90% of occasions. There are times I want more back ups, or additional lenses and I then take the Urban Disguise 60 as well.
  16. Are you looking for a roller or a carry on backpack?? I highly suggest either the Think Tank Airport Acceleration for a backpack, or the Airport International as a roller. They are inconspicuous, fit everything, and VERy high quality. After Eric's posts over a year ago on the Airport Acceleration, I have ditched hard cases for SLR systems and never looked back!! If you like to travel to destinations where you are required to take turbo props I suggest the Airport Acceleration. There is a 10LB difference to the roller, and I find often times they will weigh the rollers but not the backpacks!
  17. The optical connection is definitely nice. The other great thing is that the housing will have adapter rings so you can use ports from most of the major SLR housing manufacturers...which will allow an easy and cheap transition from different manufacturers.
  18. I looked in the video section to see if this was reposted, but did not see it. Did I miss something, or does it still need to be responded too??
  19. When is definitely the key!! I like the idea Epic X is being postponed...I need time to save more $$ , I hope they release Scarlett the same way, to Red One owners at a special discount price!
  20. I think it depends on your ultimate goal. if you are a consumer just looking for quick videos clips, the 5d II and 7D work fairly well, as does any of the HD camcorders. As far documenting action, being a creative videographer, and looking for quality, I think the VDSLRs are still no where near up to par with the camcorders today. Ease of use is definitely not there, including ergonomics. And the quality, I just do not see is there. I spent a week shooting the EX1, HF S10, and the 5d MarkII side by side. The EX1 blue them both away without question. The HF S10 video was definitely easier to use and better quality than the 5d2. The 5d2 was definitely nice in that I could take video clips in between my focus on the stills, but the quality was not there...and that was with the 16-35 II lens. My take is still, if you want to shoot video, buy a VIDEO camera. If you want to be a still photographer but have the ability to capture video on occasion, then a VDSLR is a great way to go.
  21. Although Ive yet to play with this lens, it sure sounds amazing from what Ive heard. We will have our first shipment of them coming in soon and Ill have an opportunity to play with it. Will report on my findings.
  22. The Inon certainly works well. Another great strobe that works wonders with the G10, regardless of housing, is the Sea & Sea YS-110a. The strobe offers manual and S-TTL features with both the Canon and Fisheye housings. Its manual only when paired with an Ikelite housing.
  23. Bruno I am very happy to hear all is ending well with Gates. John, Pamela and everyone their always do their best to make sure everyone is taken care of. Keep us posted on the findings of the housing.
  24. There are a lot of options for the G10. My favorite set up is the Fisheye Fix G10 Housing, Sea & Sea YS-110a strobe with Ultralight arms, the Fisheye Wide Angle Conversion lens and flip macro lens. That will give you a compact, complete set up that offers excellent results for serious amateurs.
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