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  1. Housings look great Jay. Id love to check one out someday soon since we are located close by!
  2. I cannot speak for other editing software, but just today I went through some of my clips of whale sharks shot on the 5d2 and edited them in FCP 6. All I had to do was import the clips as I do with my EX1, edit them as I wish, and then I just exported using Quicktime Conversion to H.264 and everything worked like a charm. I uploaded it right to Vimeo and then to Facebook without any problems.
  3. Doug, Ill help Geoffrey out here as we are trying to help him sell it. The monitor is a year old. Its in excellent shape. Still a year of warranty left on it. It was just recently serviced by the factory as well. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to send me or Geoffrey a message.
  4. Very sad indeed. I was in Palau in January and was amazed at the small number of sharks we encountered over the week compared to what I had always heard about Palau. We were also told then about two boats that had recently been caught with sharks onboard. I am headed to Palau next month and really hope to see schooling sharks like I had heard about over the past years.
  5. Article is very comprehensive. Video is excellent as shot on the Dive X scooter.
  6. As of right now there is not. The solution I have started using on my set up, and using for customers is a set of strobes ( I use the S&S YS-110a or YS-250 strobes) on ULCS arms. the clamp used between the two arm segments, I use a triple clamp, and on each arm set I have a Fix LED1000 light set up. That gives me a strobe and a video light on each side. Although the Fix lights are only 1000 lumens, they do work well for macro and close reef or fish shots. Its the most versatile system as of right now. One other option is not using strobes at all, and using the Xit 404 mounting bracket to mount Sunray 1000 or 2000 LED lights and batteries to an SLR housing. You would then be using the Video lights for both still and video.
  7. I like the idea of a bungee or rope to make it taught. Personally (and this is recently reflected in my tests with the HF S10) I have a VERY hard time shooting steady footage with the smaller cameras. Im used to the large systems (EX1, Red) and with those being negative, I can lock my elbows in tight and brace myself...but not so much with small units, especially when bobbing on the surface as I was shooting whale sharks in Holbox. I say give that idea a shot..and report back to us, it sounds great!
  8. Finally!!! Now if only Nikon would hurry up with the D700x or D800!!
  9. That all sounds great, but I am very curious to see how it pans out considering the difference in size and location of the D700 viewfinder over the D300. Cant they just have them ready for us to buy right now!!
  10. Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that as of this week H2O Photo Pros has moved into a new, larger facility to better serve our customers. We are putting the finishing touches together right now, and hope to have it all ready by the end of this weekend. Our latest Underwater Imaging Superstore has an onsite classroom, fill station with Nitrox coming soon, repair facilities, Apple editing suites (for your use of course), professional printing station coming soon, increased staff, and increased inventory! Better yet, we are across the street from John Wayne airport so we can ship via Fed Ex up until 8 PM for those last minute emergencies! Our new showroom information: H2O Photo Pros Underwater Photo & Video 17985 Sky Park Circle Irvine, CA 92614 949-752-7077 We are on the corner of Main & Red Hill just off the 405 freeway and across the street from John Wayne Airport!
  11. Hey Jeff, thanks for all your help. The event was fantastic, can't wait for the October event!
  12. Oh Im excited...I just wish they had released the competitor to the 5d2. Such a great camera, but Im still such a Nikon guy!!
  13. reliability!! (well thats from the Mac vs. PC). Hahahaha Finally Joe!
  14. We ALL NEED AND WANT ONE!!! I just returned home from the event. Pics will be up very shortly!! They still say this fall!!
  15. The great thing is the new suite will retail for only $999...and ALL previous HD users can upgrade their suite for only $299!!
  16. Im here at REDucation in LA, and I just got my hands on the Scarlett prototype! They even let us take pictures of me holding the camera!! Ill post them tonight, woooowww what a Beauty!!!
  17. I Just visited Isla Holbox for the whale sharks and on of the park rules is that strobes are NOT permitted in water.
  18. Steve: I used the Fisheye Dome port. Its the same set up we used with the 5d1. Humberto, with regards to the 24-105, its not a supported lens, nor is it one Id recommend using. What are your intended subjects? Id recommend an arsenal of the 17-40 (or 16-35), a 50mm and/or 100mm macro.
  19. Absolutely amazing. You hit it at the right time!!
  20. Hi Humberto: I just got back from my first trip testing the camera in the S&S housing..what a beauty!! Very ergonomic, and lightweight. I was easily able to access all controls. S&S supports nearly all lenses that anyone could want to use underwater. I shot my camera with the 17-40mm lens. Any specific questions I can answer for you?
  21. That looks great! Cant wait to learn more about it.
  22. Having just spent a week shooting whale sharks in Holbox with the 5d2, HF S10, Ex1 and Red...I can offer a pretty fair comparison. First off the 5d2 is a fantastic camera, but no matter how you look at it, ergonomically, its still a DSLR and shooting video in a variety of conditions is more difficult due to its handling and ergonomics when compared to a dedicated video camera. Dont get me wrong, the quality is amazing, but it still really is for the serious still shooter that wants the ability to shoot some quality HD video. With regards to the EX1, having been a serious EX1 shooter for a year now, it never seems to amaze me. Shooting in murky, plankton filled water, that camera saw whale sharks I didnt even see! It brought out things in the water that the RED camera didnt even do (although as good as the EX1 is, the RED detail is amazing for what it does see). The EX1 system is completely customizable, so depending on the options you want, 20k is realistic...unless you want the Superwide and a set of lights...then you will be over. The HFs10 is a fantastic camera, and the new L&M housing was so easy to use, and absolutely a gem when it came to the ease of white balancing! Something we have yet to see in compact HD cameras since they came out! However good it may be, its not a production level camera and has many limitations when compared to an EX1 or its equivalent. If you are a serious shooting looking for professional results, the EX1 is definitely the best option as of right now.
  23. Hi David, I just spent some time freediving with the Hugy and the Sea & Sea units in Holbox. Having just returned last night, Ill work on a short write up/response in the details in the next day or so to help answer your question.
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