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  1. Looks great Ryan!! Can't wait to get in the water and shoot with it. Maybe in time for my Whale Shark trip in July...
  2. Hahahaha, and they wonder why I am not married...Ive tried justifying this stuff to my ladies before, they never understand. This system isnt mine per se, Im just a partner in it and have full use of it.
  3. Great to know Wags, thank you. Hahah, the question of all questions. That really depends on what options you have. Rough figures, for a Red, with batteries, 2 drives, 18-50 lens, 5.6 LCD, you are just under $30k. Then the housing set up with port and extender for the 18-50 will put you around $26k or so.... You are in for it for a nice BMW to say the least!!!
  4. Housing looks very sexy indeed. I agree, the real benefit of using the EX3 underwater will come with the support of other lenses for underwater use.
  5. What housing for your D700 (need to know the size). I used to use, and recommend Storm or Pelican cases, but that required you to check in your system. I started using the Think Tank bags a year ago, and would never switch again (unless I needed to check the gear in). I can fit 80% of most SLR systems (aluminum housings) in one carry on back pack. This includes camera and a coupole of lenses. Depending on your accessories, the backpack (Airport Acceleration) and a small other Think Tank bag (Urban Disquise 50 or 60) to fit additionals. That means you have your carry on and a personal item...but both can be carried on!! Its great for traveling. The reason I dont use the roller bags is they weigh 10LBS more, and are much more likely to get weighed then a backpack.
  6. Ill keep that in mind Dean. The EX1 handles amazing in water, better than any of the previous housings Ive used....but the Deep Red EXCEEDS the EX1's handling. Id guess at 15% larger, its wider for sure which allows for easy handling. Both Bert and myself have EX1's and have extensive time in the water with them...and both of us agree the Deep Red is even easier to use! I think the actually weight trimming (as seen in the video) for the Deep Red is definitely better as well. However, since Gates came out the the foam collar, the EX1 trim is MUCH improved. Now the test comes when the Glass port comes out for the red...and once we start using different lenses and extension rings. We are going to move a few of the weights around on our current configuration. One thing is to compensation for the large connector where the LCD cable goes into the housing (housing lends itself to the right a bit) so we are going to move one of the weights to the left side. All in all...AMAZING!!!
  7. Hi Jon, Im still going through the RED footage, just got the drive from my partner today. He also has the Aqua Video housing. We have some pool tests done shooting a focus chart in the pool with both the Aqua Video housing, and then the Gates Deep Red housing.
  8. Here is a video of me playing with the Deep Red, demonstrating its ability to achieve perfect trim and buoyancy for an underwater rig. It handles amazingly underwater!!! I call it A Well Balanced Red
  9. Ok here is a quick clip of Bert with the Deep Red on the first 5 minutes of our first dive with it. Not sure whats going on, but the the Vimeo file doesnt seem to play smooth on my machines. Let me know if its the same for you guys. Watch the clip here
  10. One of these years I am going to make it down!!
  11. Yeah Id like to try setting up a set of Sunray 1000 or 2000 lights to a 5d MKII set up and see how the images turnout. Add that to my list of trials!! haha
  12. The only manufacturer I heard that was working on a housing for the EX3 was Amphibico. That was the word a few months ago, but have not seen or heard anything since. Ill check with Erik at Equinox to see if one of their housings will accommodate the EX3. I know the HD10 is for the EX1...but dont think it will fit the EX3
  13. One of my close friends is absolutely raving about this camera as well. I have yet to get my hands on it, but from what I hear, its an awesome 3 chip HD camera at a phenomenal price...Ill have to get Equinox to send me a housing so I can take it diving and give it a whirl!
  14. Yes we were using the 18-50. Only problem was our 18-50 came back from rental with the zoom busted...so we were stuck at full wide!! Its going to Red tomorrow to get repaired. Our plan is to get in the water soon with a 14mm, and hopefully some other lenses to test as well. There is another company making an adapter with Iris control for the Tokina 11-16. I believe its Op Tech...should be out in 3 weeks and will only cost $750!! If all works out then we will have that lens as well!!
  15. Back from the day at Catalina. WOOOWWW what a beauty. Gates did an amazing job with the Deep Red. We have officially named ours "Avalon". Very nice changes done since we last tested the prototype housing. Ill be posting more details here shortly. Also, shot footage of the RED in use, and during its buoyancy tests. Will have those up this week!
  16. I really like the 45 for macro shooting, especially when diving Muck. I personally do not like using it for wide angle shots and find it difficult when shooting sharks and big animals. I think the 180 is a better all around VF, or if you can swing having both, then thats the way to go! haha
  17. Day 1 in the pool went well. No serious issues, got to see some of the latest design changes gates made since we last tested their prototype. Tow significant changes are they added the two cooling fans, and they are no longer using a bulkhead connection to plug the Red LCD into. Instead, there is a longer cable from the LCD to Red One, that passes through the housing and plugs directly into the camera. They have the cable enclosed in tubing. Pictures to follow this weekend. Taking it to Catalina late tomorrow into Monday for some in water testing. Will have video of it in use, shot with the EX1.
  18. Well, after a long anticipated wait, we are in the middle of unpacking and prepping our Gates Deep Red, the first production model to be completed and delivered by Gates...and will be doing complete in pool and in ocean testing this weekend. Ill keep you all posted. Lots of pics to come, and video will be shown at the Long Beach Scuba Show!!
  19. Hi mark, Ill need two spots for this one!! Im definitely in!!
  20. Yeah the new Bluefin for the HF S10 is going to be one sweet housing. If all goes well Ill have the opportunity to shoot their prototype housing this next weekend and shoot the camera side by side with the EX1 and with the RED. We are heading out to test several cameras for a few days to get a better side by side comparison.
  21. Very nice, Lets just add that to WANT LIST along with a couple Reds.
  22. Thanks for the tips Carol. I really gotta get a faster Mac Pro!
  23. Very nice review Mark. Our Red should be coming in next week, so the plan is to be in the water over Memorial weekend with it shooting!!! Hope to get out this time (last 3 local trips canceled due to weather) and have some good stuff to show at the Long Beach show!!
  24. The Inon viewfinders (both the 180 and 45) can be modified to fit nearly all aluminum SLR housings on the market. Some require modification due to the size of the opening on the housing, some do not. As opposed to modifying the housing, the viewfinders themselves can be modified to fit your specific housing, thus allowing the original viewfinder to be used should you need or want to.
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