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  1. Very nice, I played with the camera the other day and it looks great!
  2. We just received pictures of the new Sea & Sea 5d MKII Housing scheduled for June delivery. If you are in the So Cal area, keep your fingers crossed as we might have a demo to show at the Long Beach Show!! The housings will be selling for $3499.
  3. John, you mentioned something about the tooling on your D700. I was curious what issues you have experienced with it. Also, what lenses are you shooting with it underwater?
  4. Im definitely a fan of the Hugycheck system as well. I swear by the Seal Check for my Gates video housings, and having the same piece of mind on my SLR systems makes me that much more confident everytime I get in the water. The fact that they are currently giving it away as a freebie with a housing purchase is even better!
  5. I am a Hugyfot dealer in the states. Unfortunately, the problem you are experiencing I have not run into. The fact that its happening to both of your lenses really makes me think the camera body is not mounted tight enough to the housing, and thus with the pressure of using the zoom, the camera is then moving enough to disengage. Pascal and Tom at Hugyfot are very prompt with replies, so I would definitely send them an email, they usually respond within 24 hours.
  6. Is that one of the famous Walter Marti monitors? Ive had a couple of my customers add those to L&M and Gates housings.
  7. Welcome to the boards Erik!! I keep trying to get that HF S10 housing out in the water, but Ive now had 3 days of diving canceled on me!
  8. I've now tried to get out 3 days in the last two weeks to test dive the HF S10 in the Equinox housing, and all 3 days have been canceled due to weather!! Perhaps next weekend...
  9. You are going to have a blast! I was out in Rangiro in December and it was amazing. Definitely ripping currents, I wish someone would have told me before hand to bring a reef hook!! I spent 4 days in Rangiroa and went out with Top Dive. Where are you staying? We never had any dolphins. But we did have a Great Hammerhead, along with Spotted Eagle Rays, and tons of sharks!! Would love to hear how your trip goes. Of all the places Ive been, French Polynesia is my favorite place yet!! I dont think there is enough talk about the opportunities that exist out there.
  10. Well unfortunately our boat was canceled for tomorrow due to conditions. I hope to get out with the camera this week to shoot some test footage.
  11. I wore glasses and contacts from the time I was 9...until I have Lasik done in 07...and it was the best thing Ive ever spent money on. Diving with Contacts is a PIA, but at least I could see. I went from 20/1000 vision (legally blind) to 20/15 within 15 minutes after my surgery..and 2 1/2 years later its still the same. Now mind you yes they did warn me that at a certain time in your life (I am only 26) you will find the need for reading glasses (usually around your mid 40s this starts). In the meantime, its been amazing, and diving after Lasik is a whole new thing. Heck, even if I only get 5-10 years out of it before needing a "fix", its worth it!!
  12. The Hugy and the Aquatica housings are both very nice housings and very ergonomic. If availability is the issue, then check out the Hugy. We have been receiving our orders within two weeks, and have a shipment with several on its way to us right now, due in within the next few days. I really like the Hugycheck system. After using the Gates Seal Check on my video rigs for the past year and a half, Ive become very accustomed to being able to check out my system's integrity BEFORE i get in the water. We all make mistakes...so this just helps with our peace of mind and allows us one more system of checking the housing for watertightness. The fact they are giving it away FREE right now, also makes it a great time to buy one of their systems and save $400.
  13. Im supposed to have an Equinox housing arriving towards the end of this week, so I will likely be in the water next Sunday with the HF S10 testing its underwater performance and low light capabilities. Will report back once I get it wet.
  14. hey Matt, whats the story behind these shots??
  15. Roger are you using the Sunray 1000 or 2000 lights?
  16. Really enjoyed that site. Love the pics of the Sperm whales, such a rare opportunity due to the required permits. If Im lucky, Ill be in the water with them next month in Dominica
  17. Only one left and one large capacity battery.
  18. Hi everyone, I have two EX1 cameras available for sale. They have 32 hours on them. Come with the 8GB card, battery and charger. BH sells these for $6200. These are available for $4800 still under warranty (only two months old). I also have several of the BPU 60 batteries which retail for $230 and these are $150. Lastly, the 60GB HDD drives from Sony retail for $950. These are available for $600. All items are 2 months old and in like new.
  19. Unfortunately I havent played around much with their housings. Contact Erik over at Equinox, I hear is great with customer service though.
  20. Hi Everyone. We have the King Neptune dive boat chartered for some shark action on Sunday April 26th. The boat departs from Avalon at 8AM, so you can take the early Catalina Express boat over, or head over Saturday, dive and wake up refreshed for the shark dive. Its $250 for the day, limited load trip, includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. basically, these are usually limited to 2 tank days...we have it for as long as daylight lasts...so plenty of time in the water! Let me know if you are interested!
  21. From what Ive seen at the Best Buy near me, they dont carry the Canon either. Where do you live? With regards to the Ike housings, yes they should be very similarly priced. Drew is dead on too, playing with a camera is the only true way to see what best suits you. As you can see from the board, we all have our own opinions and certain items suit one better than another.
  22. Thats where the real test comes in, the colors! After all, thats why the underwater world is so interesting, the amazing colors of its inhabitants
  23. Steve, the menu system is definitely a bit different than us Sony users are used to for sure. Again, the menu system is all accessed via the joystick control which is nice, but not necessarily going to be easy for use underwater.
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