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  1. Nice Drew...we all want Scarlet thats for sure. I just wonder how long it will actually be before we get cameras, not even counting the time for a housing after that. Scarlet is definitely my plan as well, guess the EX1 will have to hold up a bit longer...hahaha
  2. One last thing, I was out at PMA last week in Vegas playing with the new camcorders. The new Sony's have an Optical Steady Shot with Active mode, that is absolutely amazing and fully functional. The previous steady shot, although functional never really helped much if you were bouncing around or moving fast. Their new system was displayed on an actively moving machine (see attached picture) and really steadied the image.
  3. We just received confirmation from Gates Underwater Products (San Diego) that they are definitely making housings for the following new compact HD Camcorders: Sony XR500V and XR520V Canon HF S10 and HF S100. Although pricing is not set, they estimate pricing to be approximately the same as the current HC series housings, and the new housings will use the SP series ports. Housings are estimated for availability in July and August respectively. Thats all the details we have for now, but I will post as I hear more info.
  4. Hi Steve, those Gorilla pods are really nice and extremely durable. Although I will admit I have not taken it underwater...don't know why I havent thought of that. Ill email our Joby rep and see if he sees any potential problems with salt water.
  5. Well, I attended PMA today, there really was not much new at all and the show seemed awefully slow. I am working on the pics and write and will have it later this week. Very disappointing that Nikon did not have any big news, like the rumors of a new DSLR that were floating around the last month or so.
  6. Ahhh the computer race. Is it just me, or is it every time we upgrade and get the fast editing system, a new one comes out a month later??
  7. Very nice pics AJ. When in January did you go? We had the New Years charter on the Eco Explorer. It was a great crew! As for Ulong, I could not agree more. That was the best dive site of the trip!!! We had terrible weather though, rain from the day we got there til the day we left!
  8. Well yes I definitely told them an MDX-D90 would have to be reasonably priced for it to sell. Im anxious to see one come out from Seatool as well, we all know that is going to be the most compact of any D90 housing. As for a S&S housing lets hope they seriously consider doing an MDX...only time will tell. A perfect world it would come out within a few months max, and be priced around $2k or so...too bad Im not an engineer.
  9. I would definitely recommend the viewfinder over liveview. As Bruce mentioned above, Inon makes two nice viewfinders that can be machined to fit the MDX housing. If you shoot a lot of macro, the 45 degree is very nice. Personally I find the 180 to be much more versatile and easier to shoot.
  10. Two of the guys from Sea & Sea Japan were in town this past week (in So Cal) and they, along with a few others from Sea & Sea USA came down to our store. I chatted with them for quite sometime about the frustration caused by the lack of a D90 housing, and I reiterated many times that there was a significant interest for D90 housings and that the D90, from what I see and hear, is one of the most popular cameras out right now. The original plan was for them to do an RDX series housing (their new, polycarbonate housing series) but scrapped that idea. They said to start that now would take at least 6 months. We then got talking about them doing an MDX series housing, which of course would be more expensive than an RDX, but as always, well worth it. I will say, I repeatedly brought up this subject during the 3 hours I spent with them...and I will see them tomorrow at PMA as well where I plan to mention it one more time. Here is my question to all of you. If S&S came out with an MDX series housing, would you be interested in buying one? They say getting one of these out is much faster than the RDX due to the plastic molds that have to be created.
  11. Im out in Vegas at PMA, so I will be checking out the booths and seeing what is new...I too am hoping for a big Nikon announcement. Ill report back with pics and details in the next day or so.
  12. We have a large stock of Sea & Sea ports and housings at H2O Photo Pros. Let me know if we an be of any help.
  13. Congrats to all of the winners. The images were great!
  14. Hi all. Is anyone planning on attending PMA this week in Vegas? Ill be there Tuesday in hopes of seeing some new toys and will report back!!
  15. If most of the use will be underwater, the FX7 is the choice I would make. The huge difference in price really makes the Fx7 a great deal...I use to own the Z1U. It was a tough decision to buy that one over the FX1 due to the significant price difference. XLR was nice, but again I dont shoot a lot topside. The main reason I went for the Z1u was I used it in our rental department, and production companies wanted the Z1U. Had it been for personal use only, I would have gone for the FX1.
  16. Great pics Scott. Looks like you had a fantastic time with the new camera. Lets go diving soon!!
  17. If you are looking for a great focus light, in the mid-priced area that is better than a mini flash light, but not the wallet buster like the bigger Fisheye and Hartenberger lights, take a good look at the Big Blue FF 1x5 with Flash Off LED. Its a very nice light, comes with the ball adapter and a handle...and sells for $149.
  18. My recommendation really depends on exactly how tight the gear is on the lens. Sometimes, its just really snug, so a tiny trim of the oring, or heating it. However if the gear is extremely tight, and nearly impossible to move, I recommend going the trimming route. Just be sure to trip is small increments. Generally, an extra oring is supplied in case you make a big boo boo.
  19. Those are awesome pics. Id love to do some cave diving one of these days.
  20. Congrats to all the winners. The pictures are amazing!!
  21. Jean: You are correct, the RDX series housings do not come with handles. Sea & Sea has a handle system, or many opt to go with the ULCS Digital tray and Handle system which works well on the RDX housings.
  22. Also forgot Seatool on the list. They have housings for the Sony cams on your list (except FX7)
  23. VERY WELL SAID ARRON!! Ill never forget a rental I did last year where the photographer rented a system from us, claimed he was a professional, needed no instruction on the equipment that he picked up because he was a "pro shooter", only to have him come back with the rental a day later demanding his money back because none of his shots for the magazine were in focus, and of course it had to be the equipment's fault (until I snapped a picture in focus first try right in front of him). Needless to say, I did not refund the rental.
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