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  1. Ardy: The manual you discuss, are you looking more on the instructional how to shoot side, or on the assembly and specific housing operations side?
  2. Very nice pics Vazuw. I am just getting into the HDR scene and am enjoying it. Ive never been one to spend much time on the editing end, but this certainly requires the attention...and yes it is addicting. I just purchased PhotoMatix to play with so will hopefully have some pics to share soon.
  3. Ok I was down at Gates on Thursday and spoke to John & Pamela about the hard drive more. Yes Mark, it is you they were waiting on What drive was it that you wanted to send down for them to try out? John couldn't remember the name it. They did say if anyone has any drives they would like to see work, they would be happy to take a look and try it out if you are willing to send the drive for them to test fit.
  4. Hi 2jay. Between the store, myself and my staff we have 8 different Macs (Mac Pro, iMacs, Macbook Pros and Mac Books) all of which are used with the Sony HD cameras. We have downloaded and edited footage from several Sony HD camcorders (HC series, SR series, FX series and now EX series) without any issues. All of our files are transferred into the MACs via either Final Cut Express, or Final Cut Pro and that is as easy as plugging the camera into the computer and either using Log and Transfer (if solid state camera) or Log and Capture if its a tape camera. Using iMovie is just as easy. The only problems I have ever heard about from customers is there are sometimes issues with the Sony Software being used. Since you have FCE, you should not have any problems at all. If you have any specifics, please do not hesitate to ask. Either myself or our editing specialist will assist you.
  5. APS Manta Ray makes an off white fin designed for White Balancing www.apsmantaray.com Personally I have not tried a set yet, however it is on my list to do this spring.
  6. I spoke with Gates and they said the drive will not fit in the housing. Apparently they have received a couple of inquiries about other drives (not Sony) that are smaller. One customer is sending in one of the drives to see if it will fit in the housing. Pamela at Gates did not have the name of the drive that was being sent it, and they have not received it yet. If I get any other news, Ill send an update.
  7. The teaser looks great. Im interested to see where you guys go with this. The world needs to see multiple documentaries about the demise of sharks so we can save them!
  8. I would also definitely consider adding French Polynesia to the list. If you go in the fall, August-October, I would go to Moorea for humpacks, then head to the Tuamotu Islands for some really good shark action!
  9. Very nice pics. Im jealous, one day I will get there, I swear I will!! What lens were you shooting with?
  10. Hands down I agree with MikeV, Rangiroa and Fakarava in French Polynesia. having been there in Nov/Dec and then to Palau 2 weeks later, I was disappointed with the shark action in Palau due to the immense numbers of animals in FP. If they are willing to sacrifice luxury for 2 or 3 days, I HIGHLY suggest they spend a couple nights at tetamanu village in the south pass of Fakarava. Of all the places we went to in FP, South Pass was the most pristine, and had the largest number of animals...but it was nice seeing a Great Hammerhead in Rangiroa!!
  11. As Drew stated, no housings yet...and as of this point, I have not heard any of the manufacturers working on a housing for it. The FX7 is a great deal right now, and if you buy a Gates housing and Superwide port, you get the camera for FREE!! Savings of $2.000
  12. Welcome to Wetpixel. If you 3k is your budget, I would highly suggest taking a look at the Light and Motion Stingray HD housing, which is machined aluminum and universal! it comes standard with a 3.5" monitor back as well. If you go with a Sony HC9 camcorder, you can be right at your budget...if you are willing to budge an extra $200 or so, you can pick up the Sony SR12, and that would definitely be my suggestion.
  13. A close friend of mine, Rodolphe Holler of Tahiti-Private-Expeditions.com has quite a bit of time in the water filming the Humpbacks off of Moorea and the French Polynesia Islands. Not sure if you are supplying cameras, but he is shooting an EX1 system.
  14. Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is a MUST for up close in your face shark action.
  15. The new Akona Pro Camera Roller is a great bag for carry on and depending on the components, a full DSLR system will fit for carry on. A couple of my other favorite carry ons are the Think Tank Airport Acceleration (V2.0 just came out), and also the Airport International V2.0
  16. Thanks Ill check out DP Review. Im doing my research to see if anyone else has figured out the solution. Sure would suck if you had to upgrade to CS4. We were also wondering if Lightroom 2.0 will solve it, as Andy & I both have 1.4 We are going to call Adobe on Monday.
  17. Well we had a great day playing with the 50D at Catalina today. I am writing up a report on the camera/housing combo this weekend and will have some pics to go along with it. We came back tonight to look at the photos and ran into one small problem that Andy and I are still investigating. As of right now, either Photoshop nor Lightroom will open the RAW files from the 50D. We receive an error message stating color mode type not supported...so Andy is double checking the files tonight to make sure there was not a setting error, and we are looking to see if there are any reports of a new plug in coming out for Photoshop. Will keep you posted.
  18. I have not played with the Live View on the 50D yet. However, in just a few hours my Sea & Sea rep Andy Sallmon and I will be out diving with the 50d in the MDX housing, so I will report back to you.
  19. Today my Sea & Sea rep and I spent some time testing the new Canon 50D camera to test the fit and functionality in the current MDX-40D Housing. We are happy to report that the 50D camera fits perfectly in the 40D housing with 100% functionality of all controls. As of right night, I have not tested the 50D in any other housing, but will be doing so in the very near future. Sea and Sea now officially states that the 50D works in their 40D housing. That means no 4-6 month wait for a new housing!!
  20. Hi Mark, what we would do is send the housing down to gates, or if ordering a new housing, we can have it sent from the factory with the proper connector. Its a standard thing to do. Do you already have the OTS system? If so, what system do you have? We work with the guys from OTS and Gates very closely. To have the video feed sent to the surface from the EX1 is possible. There are two options. First if you are looking to have it HD resolution, then Gates would order a custom cable from their supplier to match your requested length. We would need to know what you are sending the video signal too (i.e. Gates monitor or a third party monitor?) As far as splitting the signal, I can get back to you tomorrow on that, I would need to double check it. Let me know if you have any other specifics. Best always, Mike
  21. I have had the opportunity to dive quite a few masks on the market. With regards to Frameless, the Atomic and the Oceanic were definitely my favorite. I used to help out in a dive shop, and both of those masks worked well with the "larger faces". Buying a mask is such a personal thing, I would highly suggest going into your LDS and trying a few on.
  22. We have a customer who traded in his Aquatica D200 housing. It has roughly 50 dives on it, is in excellent condition. Will take $1,000 for it. We also have a used dome port available as well. PM for pics and more info.
  23. This is just getting absurd now. Of course now when Im out of town, instead of thinking about how much the trip is costing me, Im thinking about how much money im saving in gas from not driving for a week or two! hahah over 5 bucks a gallon for diesel in my parts!
  24. those are some very nice shots. Im really looking into getting into surf photography as well. What housing were you using??
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