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  1. Great tips Keri. We just got our first shipment of Joby tripods in so I will be constructing my set up now to test with the 7d. Guess I need a trip to Lembeh to really test the waters!
  2. Jean, you are correct. According to the Inon website, the Z-240 and D2000 were the first Inon strobes to incorporate the S-TTL functionality....so TTL would only be available through a hard wired connection with a TTL converter such as the Sea and Sea YS Converter N
  3. Hi all, sorry for not responding sooner I havent been on here. To answer the question, yes I have put the Fix lights on internal ball mounts, and Ive tried it the way in the pic. Both work fine, its a personal preference to be honest. When I went to Florida to test dive the prototype with CP, they had the Fix lights on the outside mounts, and the strobes on the inner mounts...that personally I did not like so I had moved the strobes to the outside. All personal preference. With regards to overall lighting, I like the Fix1000s for this set up. Using a set of bigger lights such as the SunRay 1200 or 2000x is great if its going to be dedicated for video only. Carrying a set of strobes, plus a set of these lights with battery packs mounted on the bottom is way too much...and personally, like Ive been saying all along....I still feel these cameras are STILL cameras, and good for some video clips....they are not what I would consider dedicated video cameras. If I plan to be a video shooter, then I would still take my video camera and a set of video lights. That being said, for small video clips, macro and fish video, the Fix are ideal for me.
  4. Hahaha, finding those new or used right now is definitely a treasure hunt!
  5. Here is the setup I am using for any of the DSLRs that shoot video. It allows me to have both strobes and video lights. What you can see is I am using a pair of Fisheye Fix 1000 LED lights. They work great for macro or CFWA, but not quite powerful enough for big animal or wide reef scenes. All in all its a great set up for these cameras.
  6. I was just forwarded this message from another customer. Jeremiah, please check your inbox. I have sent you a couple of messages already to get this taken care of. Here they are again. Jeremiah I just received your email and messages from yesterday. Please see the emails below that I have sent to you in regards to the refund. They were sent from our store account, info@h2ophotopros.com. I have not received a response to them so no refund has been issued as I need information from you. Jeremiah, please understand we do want to take care of you. Our return policy is generally, no returns on any items that have been in the water...which is a standard industry policy. But due to your unhappiness, I was more than willing to just take it back since it had only been used once. When you had called originally regarding your problem with the lens, I had offered to show you how to use the lens as well if you came down to the store, but you did not want to do that, so you just sent it back. If you get me the necessary information I need to complete the refund, I will be happy to take care of it. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Mike Luzansky <info@h2ophotopros.com> Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 3:17 AM Subject: Refund To: nemesis43@nemesis43.com Jeremiah, Id really like to get the refund to you. Please let me know which method you prefer so we can settle this. Please see my email below. Thank you. Best Regards, Mike Luzansky President & CEO H2O Photo Pros Underwater Photo & Video The Underwater Imaging Superstore www.h2ophotopros.com www.gatesunderwaterhousings.com www.nauticamunderwaterhousings.com (949) 752-7077 Join us on one of our 2010 Photo & Video Expeditions to: Isla Mujeres, South Africa, Isla Holbox, Fiji, Philippines, French Polynesia, Argentina, and New Years in Raja Ampat & Fak Fak. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Mike Luzansky <info@h2ophotopros.com> Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 11:16 AM Subject: Macro lens Refund To: nemesis43@nemesis43.com Jeremiah, We have your flip macro lens here. We do not store credit card numbers in our system, and we changed out credit card processing company beginning of January, so I can not just refund a portion of your original transaction. What is your best mailing address so I can send you a check for the refund, or if you have a Paypal account, I can just send it to you that way. Please let me know so we can take care of this. I am sorry you were not happy with the flip macro lens. I hope you are enjoying the rest of the system. Best Regards, Mike Luzansky President & CEO H2O Photo Pros Underwater Photo & Video The Underwater Imaging Superstore www.h2ophotopros.com www.gatesunderwaterhousings.com www.nauticamunderwaterhousings.com (949) 752-7077 Join us on one of our 2010 Photo & Video Expeditions to: Isla Mujeres, South Africa, Isla Holbox, Fiji, Philippines, French Polynesia, Argentina, and New Years in Raja Ampat & Fak Fak.
  7. Congrats Allison!! I look forward to seeing more pics.
  8. Here is a link to a video John Ellerbrock of Gates Underwater Products posted this past week, shot with the HF S11 in a Gates Housing, Gp32 and FP32 ports, and Niterider HID lights. Just click on HF S11 Sample Video and Play. HF S11 Sample Video
  9. Is there any specific information you would like to know?
  10. Hi Greg, You definitely want to be in Manual mode. Some key information to better help you out. What lens were you using? Were you using any lighting or just ambient? Do you know what your ISO settings were? I look forward to helping. Stop by the store sometime in Irvine and we can chat more.
  11. I would highly suggest the Sea & Sea RDX-D60 housing which accommodates the D40, D40x and D60. Its base price is $1399 USD without port. What lens or lenses would you like to use?
  12. Steve, Yes this was shot with the Zen 100mm dome and an locking extension rings 20.
  13. Yeah, no issues the full res images look great. I had one of my editors prep the images for me cuz i wanted to get them on here. I sent a request, will have it this weekend sometime, hopefully today. I have some close up photos of the different controls on the NA-7D will will be posted as well. They did some nice layout and engineering...however my original thoughts still stand. None of these housings are designed for video shooters. They are still housings with video access! Being primarily a video shooter, I still cannot see myself ever taking a 7D or 5d2 housing out with the intention of shooting video, we just are not there yet. More on this in my report.
  14. Hi guys, Sorry about that. The images showed larger on here than I planned. I had compressed to be a low quality for quick loading on our Nauticam site (images wouldnt be this big). Ill upload higher res images today. Thank you
  15. Here are a few shots I took last week while diving the Nauticam 7D prototype. Weather did not cooperate at all. I scheduled to be in the water 4 days, and I was luck enough to get a day and a half.
  16. The first batch of Sea & Sea MDX-7D housings has been pushed back to the beginning of April now.
  17. I have several views on this myself. Ive learned a lot on this site, as well as others over the years. I am also a participant on several forums in other industries where I have no vested interest, so I can see both sides of the coin here. As a general public user, I doubt anyone viewing the reports/opinions, etc of myself, Jean, Chris, Ryan, etc are unaware we have vested interested in much of what we are reviewing or commenting on. On the side of Chris & Jean, they clearly only represent ONE company each. Are they biased, sure. HOWEVER, they are clearly two of the most well informed people to support the users of this forum with questions, concerns or problems of those manufacturer products. When they give first look photos, samples, and info before a product is released, we all ooohhhh and ahhhhh...when they write a review or a report, I think we all know that it has some bias, so perhaps we absorb 80-85% of it! But much of it is hard, factual information on the specs and features of the product. Neither them, nor I are trying to be secretive about our overall interests. My signature has the h2o site, our new Gates & Nauticam dedicated sites...and if space allowed, Id also post the additional 8 websites we have being built right now that are manufacturer specific for Sea & Sea, Ikelite, L&M, and others...Gates & Nauticam were just our first two to be finished. However, when it comes to reviews from myself, Ryan, or Berkely...we are DEALERS of this gear. That being said, take a look at any of the websites from H2o Photo Pros, Reef Photo or Backscatter...we all sell multiple manufacturers of each item. To me, I don't personally care if you buy any of the housings from the 5 slr manufacturers we carry...in fact there are some that are more expensive than the ones that I tend to favor. We are not about selling a customer the most expensive so that we make the most money. We are about selling a product to a customer that fits their needs, budget, and that we can stand behind for quality and service. Ive sold many brands over the years, some good, some not so good. I will not recommend ANY brand that cannot support us with their quality, service and pricing...Ive learned that the hard way as well over the years. When I review a product, I try to be fair. As you will see in my coming Nauticam 7D report being released tonight (finally finished catching up from my trip), I will praise where deserved, however I will of course post areas that I feel need some work. It is the reviews and comments that allow manufacturers such as Nauticam and Aquatica to LISTEN to all the end users, whether they be Pro or Consumer users on what they want, and more importantly what they feel needs fixing for the next time around. I subscribe to about 15 magazines monthly, from diving, to photo, video, harleys, boats and planes. That being said, NONE of the info in there is without bias...ask anyone who has worked for or with Rodales Scuba Lab...its up to the readers to be subjective.
  18. Check out the Gates HF S10/S11 housing. Compact, VERY ergonomic, easy to use, a very reasonably priced WA port with excellent quality. I was a late adopter of the HFS series cameras, but after much experience with the camera now, and after playing with it in a few housings, the Gates system is the best bang for the buck.
  19. Here is a picture of me diving the Nauticam 7D prototype in Crystal River last week (taken by Jacalyn Pelloni). Sample pics from the camera are almost ready. I had to upgrade to CS4!
  20. I just returned from a short trip out to Florida where I spent some time with the Nauticam 7d prototype thanks to Chris and Ryan. Weather did not cooperate with my trip AT ALL...but I was able to get a dive in at BLue Heron, a day in Crystal River, and another day on the reefs off West Palm. The housing is truly an amazing piece of machinery, the most ergonomic housing ive laid my hands on in 10 years of shooting, and the Nauticam 180 viewfinder was simply out standing. I have a full "first look" report, some images I took with the camera, and some images of the housing close up that I will be posting tonight in my report.
  21. Im excited and look forward to playing with this camera. The lack of a dome is disappointing, but I think it is going to be a nice middle ground between P&S and DSLR set ups and at a great price.
  22. Thats a good little set up, especially for the price.
  23. With regards to your mask, I personally like using a black mask with a black silicon skirt. Having all black reduces lighting coming in from other sources so I essentially have "tunnel vision" directly into my viewfinder.
  24. Nice video. Im looking forward to seeing Chris' results and hearing about his experiences. Glad to see you guys have a housing in your hands to play with.
  25. Olly: The Nauticam and Aquatica are the same price. The S&S is more thats for sure. Viewfinders are VERY nice and VERY useful. Makes the image larger and easier to see. Allows you to better see if your shot is in focus. Sits against your mask better so that the regulator is not bumping the housing. As for the 18-135, I do not think of it as a very useful lens for underwater. Its OK for land...but not great. I have one and bought it only because the kit was all that was available at the time. Some like the versatility of the lens for topside use though as an all around lens.
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