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  1. I had the chance to play with the Red Rock set ups today and WOW!! They are NICE. Ergonomic for sure, the version allowing follow focus is real nice...but the price tag was not!!! The version I think is best for topside use is the Captain Stubling ($975) I was shocked that the base hand held version (UltraPort) was over $400!


    One of my employees has the Zacuto viewfinder. VERY nice piece of equipment! On my list for one of these days, sure makes shooting easier on land.

  2. Tell the wife/girlfriend the camera system is necessary protection from big sharks! hahaha


    You asked about the differences in housings. There are many things to consider when looking at a housing:


    1. Material (machined aluminum is better than polycarbonate)


    2. Size (aluminum will definitely be smaller)


    3. Ergonomics. Some housings have better ergonomics and control wheels than others.


    4. Availability. Some housings are readily available, as are parts and spares. Others consistently have lead times or backordered parts.


    5. Service. You want a manufacturer that has great support if it is needed.


    6. Reliability. This is a get what you pay for industry. When you are on a tropical island, you want to know your gear is going to work the whole time trouble free. Service and support doesnt mean anything when you are in the middle of nowhere.


    Enjoy your hunt, let me know if I can be of any assistance or if you have any further questions.

  3. Steve,


    I know they have been testing the units in the field and making changes off the feedback which is why the housings were delayed a few weeks from initial launch. There are supposed to be two housings going out for intense field testing anyday now. Once that is done, they will make any final changes based off the recommendations and tests before starting shipping of the production models.


    I believe the latest estimate for delivery is now first week of February.

  4. Ron hit it pretty dead on. Ive worked with a number of production companies using the 5d2 and 7d for topside work. For underwater, the ergonomics and focusing are definitely more difficult than a rig such as the Gates FX7 or even an HF S10/S11. The new controls and features of the Nauticam will definitely close that gap a bit on the video end.


    With regards to Berkely's video and article, he does state in there the difficulty of hand holding it and that a tripod would definitely be needed for macro video. He did not shoot macro as Wakatobi frowns upon tripods.


    I will be testing the new Nauticam 7D set up as soon as we get them the beginning of February and will get out and shoot some macro in the channel islands with it and a tripod.

  5. Hi Peter:


    We have two Gates Deep Red housings available and ship worldwide We have port and extension ring support for the Red 18-50, Ultra Prime 8, 10 and 12. Also the 24 and 32 primes.


    Items you will need with the Deep Red:


    Red 5.6" LCD housing

    Red Batteries

    Red Drive


    We have those available for rental if you need any of them.

  6. We have received a few of the Nauticam housings in through our store so far. They are top notch! The quality of design and engineering is amazing. Ergonomics are outstanding, and they are small and compact (well as much as possible anyway).


    I am very excited to receive my 7d housing in a couple weeks and get it in the water! So many engineering firsts on the coming Nauticam 7d!

  7. Jon:


    The Gates housing has the option to purchase and HD-SDI out. We use it quite often on our EX1 and Red systems for productions in pools and tanks...even sometimes open ocean shoots where the Producer or Director are sitting on the boat. The standard configuration when ordered from Gates is a 100 foot cable and the HD SDI output installed on the housing.


    Dean, definitely right. Did you end up getting a housing for your camera?

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