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  1. Thanks for the heads up. It was designed to be compliant with the last couple generations...always a problem with web design, especially with IE....nothing works on everything unfortunately.
  2. After some time in development, I am happy to announce a new website dedicated to anything and everything Gates!! Our new website, www.gatesunderwaterhousings.com includes sample HD videos from all of the latest HD cameras (still a couple of the older ones being put together) as well as Ready to Dive gates packages (just add camera). We will be adding even more to the site daily, so stay tuned for all you Gates underwater housing enthusiasts!
  3. Why not do a combined trip, 5 days in Dumaguete, followed by 7 days in Puerta Galera...or some variation of that. It seems to be a very popular combination for many and I hear raving reviews of the Atlantis resort in both of those locations.
  4. Don are you looking for just a camera, or the whole set up with housing?
  5. As far as cameras go, Id save the $400 and go for the HF S10. The additional 32GB hard drive is not worth is, especially considering you can use SDHC cards for cheap!! Id put the money into the housing and ports. Ive done a mediochre amount of playing with the AVCHD in FCP and have not had any problems. Most of my shooting is done with the EX1 in XD cam, and editing AVCHD is no different to me. I really do no see, or have experienced any problems with it. Personally, the solid state format is far superior in my book over tape. I cannot stand tape!!!! The only drawback is the need for hard drive space. If you shoot alot, you will need hard drives!! Raided hard drives. Nate, have you seen the sample video I posted with the HF S11 in a Gates housing with GP32 port?
  6. Yes this was shot at Casino Point, it was an awesome day out there and absolutely empty! We took the camera down to 80 feet on the Sujack. Manual WB tests included filter, no filter, lights, no lights. It did VERY well compared to how most of these smaller cameras do. The only issue we had, and it still white balanced but with a bit of difficulty was on the Sujack at around 80 feet with no lights but with red filter. Report is almost done, its a been a busy week with the holidays. Should be done by tomorrow night.
  7. Mexico City has my vote. Ive been through it too many times, and every time is a hassle with cameras! They wanted to confiscate my regular AA batteries the last time!
  8. Here is the link to the Flip Ultra HD Video we shot last week at Catalina. We also shot the JVC Picsio at the same time. That video will be up this weekend. The Flip Ultra picture quality was much better than the JVC! The JVC was very noisy in low light and did not have as good of color saturation. I think its important to note, the videos are all shot with no red filter, ambient light, and no editing done. Showing the RAW footage of what its capable of is important to me. Flip Ultra Sample Video
  9. Steve: When downloading the footage off of the camera's internal hard drive, it is done in the same fashion as if using the card. In FCP, you do a Log and Transfer, and the camera will show up as a drive (pending you have it plugged in via USB). The clips should automatically pop up in the Log & Transfer window now. Very simple, same as if using a card, or as if shooting with the XD Cam and SxS cards.
  10. You are correct, its the Dynamic Image Stabilization, which is the one people are most interested in.
  11. The advanced image stabilization on the HF S11 is definitely nice, but it is only good if the user is shooting a lot topside, then the HF S11 is a good option. However, it is important to note that when the HF S11 camera is used in either the Bluefin or Gates housing, the Image Stabilization must be turned off to avoid vignetting.
  12. Ok I confirmed with L&M, IT IS 135 DEGREES for the new Wide angle lens for the Bluefin C housing
  13. Thanks Steve, Ill double check on that, last I was told was that it was 135...which made me very excited.
  14. Matt, What housing do you have? The likely answer is no...Fisheye, Ikelite and Canon all had to come out with new housings for the G11.
  15. Very nice pics. I cant wait to get mine underwater as soon as Nauticam starts shipping off their 7d housings, hopefully later this month (maybe beg of January)
  16. Your welcome Drew. Yes you are correct, its a wide angle conversion lens mounted into the dome port. As for the zoom through capability, it is approximately 1/3 zoom through ability.
  17. Drew, L&M came out with a new wide angle lens specifically designed for the HF S series Bluefin housing. It is $1,500 and gives a 135 degree angle of coverage. It was scheduled to ship a few weeks ago, there was a slight delay, but I believe they are scheduled to start shipping VERY soon. None of the Fathom ports work on the HF series housings from either Gates or L&M.
  18. This is a video shot by Mike Luzansky and Bert Skura at Catalina Island in December 2009. It was shot on the Canon HF S11 in a Gates HF S0/HF S11 Underwater Housing with GP32 wide angle port and Big Blu 2x30 LED lights. Ill be posting my full report tonight on my experience with the system from this weekend's diving.
  19. I spent a day diving with the new Gates HF S11 rig on Friday. I was diving with the GP32 wide angle port, and Big Blue 2x30 LED Video Lights. Here is a picture of the rig I had set up. I am writing a full report and will have a video up tonight.
  20. Pete: Yes that was me shooting the HF S11/Gates rig (video being compressed right now). My buddy shot me with the Flip. Jack, Im working on the JVC Picsio video tonight, just finished going through the HF S11 stuff. I like the Flip better, the JVC is noisy in comparison. Steve, for the HM 100 I do not know of anyone, however Im sure it would be a piece of cake to get Equinox to fit one into one of their existing housings.
  21. "right now I know the video I get from my 5D Mark II looks better than Scarlet wink" I like that comment Drew! Very true.
  22. I went out on Friday to shoot sample video with three different set ups. One of which was the Flip Ultra HD with an Ikelite housing. Here is a raw cut of a few clips put together. Everything was shot ambient light and NO red filter at Catalina Island. Small and easy to use, but being so small its a bit difficult to hold it steady. This was shot without the Ikelite arm and tray, which will make it easier to hold. Hopefully ULCS will adapter their tray as well so it can be used with the ULCS tray and handle system. Its a great package for someone looking ot just take snap videos for the web. Camera is $165-185 online and housing is only $235. Watch the Vimeo Video here.
  23. More of the wait and see game...great features and all, but after a while I think we get tired of waiting and waiting, and along with every announcement comes another delay. Its going to be an amazing camera...WHEN it finally comes out.
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