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  1. BlueDiver FL ... mine is NEW IN BOX ... never in water ... will sell to you for original price. Jack Chappell 305-903-0029 MIami, FL Thanks, Jack
  2. Hi Mus I have a BlueFin (L&M) that is in good condition. Jack
  3. Titan Have the LMI Bluefin for the TRV 900 available. It's in nearly new condition. If you have an interest, then contact me off-line at andrewchappell@bellsouth.net Thanks, Jack
  4. Looking to buy Light & Motion BlueFin #852-0101 or #852-0100 video housing in any working condition for either Sony A1U or HC1 camcorder. Jack Chappell Miami, Florida 305-903-0029
  5. Paul, I just got back from travelling and read your D100 housing posting. I have an Aquatica with both flat and 8" dome port that has been fitted out for the D100. If you are still in the market, I will sell this one ... housing and two ports for $700. Jack Chappell Maimi, FL
  6. Hi Jeff, I have an Aquatica housing fitted for the D100 and both flat and dome ports. It's in like new condition. It is a sport housing originally built for the Nikon 8008 film camera and very well modified to accomodate the D100.. I've now gone forward to D200 and have no use for this housing. Let me know if you've got interest in it. Thank you, Jack Chappell Miami, Fl Email: AndrewChappell@bellsouth.net
  7. Would a Subal made for the Nikon flash units be satisfactory? If "yes", then I'm OK to sell one of my two. Both are in like new condition. Jack ... you can reply to my personal email: jchappell@imageservices.com
  8. A note to let you know that the DS-125 has not arrived here in Miami. I would appreciate your contacting me with shipping information. Thanks Jack Chappell
  9. New L&M housing for D100 with dome and flat ports, extension ring for sale 25% below list $3,700.
  10. Jerome ... what is your asking price for these two housings?
  11. Doug do you still have this housing for sale?
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