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  1. Like you I'm a total amateur I have an external strobe but as yet i take better photos with the internal. Maybe you could try both and find which suits you until you get more experience.
  2. Hi all, Im hoping to go to st martin ( carribean) in oct/nov time and was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to dive without guides and if any hotels include shore diving in the hotel price many thanks in advance
  3. Can anyone help with reguard to where in the uk I can get spares for an oly c-300 zoom. Second hand or new would be ok. Iv'e been told to buy a new, better camera but have only just got to taking half decent photos with it, so am hoping not to change.
  4. I use a oly pt housing and they certanly do fog up in some situations. As earlier mentioned if loading your camera in an air conditioned room etc. I use the silica gel packs to overcome this and they work fine. they will however have no effect when you flood the housing as i have witnessed on two occasions both on cameras without specific insurance however one was covered by home contents ins, it took some time to pay out however. the other was a lost cause. On both occasions both cameras were using re-chargable batteries and neither gave off any gasses that were apparent. hope this helps the debate.
  5. Thanks to all replies including the private mesage. must decide soon to book. I have dived there before and hope the reef isn't too damaged.
  6. Im planning to go to the caymens in october and woulc like to know the status after the tsunami. any info would be appreciated before i book.
  7. Sorry the link didn't come up so ive tried again. http://spaces.msn.com/members/digifishpics/
  8. Well I have finally got the nerve to show some of my own pics for, hopfully positive critique. I have been reading posts and veiwing pics for some time but felt mine wern't good enough but then figured without others comments and advise they might not get any better. Please follow the link below and feel free to comment. Also on my little space on the web there is a link to a forum for people into marine fish keeping please feel free to join and help swell the numbers.
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