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  1. Hi out there, i wonder if somebody has experience with assembling the neu nauticam vacuum system in a NA-7D housing. it would be great if somebodey can tell me (or can post some pictures) how to position the parts in the right way..... thanks walter
  2. ... still for sale...dropped price to € 800,- + shipping ... walter
  3. still available... ;-) some specs:
  4. Hi, for sale: 1 Stk. Subtronic Videolight 16:9 1 Stk. Subtronic Akkutank 7,2Ah (connector for 2 Videolights) ink. charger and connecting cable (85cm) + subtronic arms ca. 100 dives, price new 1400,-€ VB 900,-€ +shipping walter
  5. Hi Erol, to answer your question, my experiences with the subtronic service are very well. i had two problems with my subtronic video light (flooding and a problem with the power switch). in both cases i wrote an e-mail (service@subtronic.de, Tamara Müller) send in my video light an get it back within 2 weeks. best of all they did not charge me for the repair. walter
  6. hi, i own a amphibico housing (prowler > sony dcr pc330) since 2004. until now i had two problems, scratches on my wide angle lens and a problem (under pressure) with my right grip, it happend after a crash in both cases the service amphibico provided was perfect. after a short e-mail i got the spare parts within 5 days (per fedex) to austria. so my experiences with the housing and the service are very good, but i am not a pro. amphibico offers the CrystaLens95° Wide Angle Lens. does anybody know whether this lens allows 100% zoom through (in focus without cropping the edges) in combination with the sony cx550? walter
  7. Hi Shaff, great video, and really a lot of mantas which time of the year have you made this video on hanrifaru?
  8. hi wagsy, i follow the posts in this forum since a few months, looking for a video editing software.. since a few days i am a "Edius-Member" now, your "Promotion" was very convincing walter
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