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  1. Hi, I've found another guy with similar problem. Take a look to http://www.kanausa.com/fotografia/submarin...ital/diego4.htm It's in spanish, but if anyone after trying with an online translator has problems, just ask me. Do you think the tipical fiber cable used for routers would work?
  2. In fact, I'm looking for something similar for my epoque and sony P1. I have trouble making it flash under some conditions. What is the fiber originally for? Diameter? Where did you find it? How is connected to the built in camera strobe?Thanks in advance
  3. Do you know part number? I've just come back again from some diving and same problem.
  4. Also looking for the wide angle lense, but without the adaptor ... Regards
  5. Just take a look to the lighting section, or look to Inuzuka's web site. I have a Epoque and it works.
  6. I'm going there and I was wondering: a)Is the weather too bad? b)Is it better moving the base to Phi-phi instead of phuket? Thanks in advance
  7. Yes, I forgot to specify it's a Epoque. Does that cord work with any external flash? What is the fiber manufacturer, distributor?
  8. Sometimes I have troube firing the strobe, mainly becasuse the reflector I've built is not very dependable. I was wondering if using a wire (I've seen for the same strobe with the Olimpus at Oceabrite) would work definetely. Im using a Sony P1:(
  9. OK. If you're convinced, then let's try to find a solution. I'm also trying to make that cable. The sea&sea looks a litle expensive, and my experience is that is not easy to trigger some slave strobes. I'm going to try to build mine for the P1 and the Epoque 150-DS... Initially I was thinking in using any fiber cable used for networking...
  10. Just one thing. The camera only works with slave strobes. You are not expecting more ligth, just more "dimension" on your image, and remove backscatter. My opinion is for this kind of camera, you don't expect professional pictures, and what you can improve is not worth for the price of a strobe.
  11. My personal opinion, is that for macro internal flash is ok, much easier and cheap. Don't waste your time for that (I have a P1). Regards,
  12. Power: IFF you are able to reflect the light to the slave sensor (not always happen, and it depends very much on your arm), the power is more that needed, since your camera will not know that it has a slave flash, and will set up all the setting in accordance. Coverage: Enough for the lenses. Someone could try with a 20mm or 16mm from sea&sea. Usability: Very good, a litle bit heavy, making the system (again, it depends on your arm) not bouyant underwater. The regulation of the power is not perfect, but works well. Recharge: Quite fast, specially taking in count how much it take to save a high resolution image.
  13. I've just came back from a short trip with my new ES-150-DS with my Sony P1, and here is my experience, considering also my experience with other strobes and this camera: * Since it's a slave flash, it works because you can set it up to not preflash. * Workability is limited to the capabilty to reflect the light to the sensor. You depend on a hand made deflector and/or your arm. * Main problem is always the same: the camera doesn't know you have an extra light source, so all settings are according to no extra light, so you can suffer overlighting most of the time. Is you reduce it then you're only getting less backscatter than with the internal flash (not such a big impact). Conclusion: someone should test a good video light with this camera...
  14. The reason I'm buying the Epoque is because currently I have a Reefmaster SL960 that doesn't allow any kind of power control, and all my pictures are overexpossed. The manufacturer is selling a diffusser because their new digital camera, but it's not yet available. Does anybody knows what is the GN of that strobe? Thanks to all for these great responses!
  15. Guide number: 3.19-12.1 adjustable variable power settings Sony: the only information about it is that Sony rates the DSC-P1's flash as effective from 1.6 to 7.5 feet (0.5 to 2.3 m), in the normal intensity setting. Flash intensity can be adjusted through the settings menu, with options of High, Normal and Low.
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