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  1. Was looking for the same thing to use while doing research on coral disease and didn't want to miss those id shots. Just picked up a Canon SD990 with the Canon housing. Haven't tried it yet, but like the camera's settings and quality on shore. I do have the G9 and wanted something smaller for the BC pocket. this is much smaller and might do the trick. Anyone try it yet?
  2. Cleaning out closets and found the Olympus housing for my dead Olympus 3030Z. Well used and body scratched, but never flooded. Was used for scientific research and rebuilt screw mount on bottom. Free, you pay USPS shipping from Hawaii 96743. Email with questions.
  3. Got it! Housing is not TTL, Ikelite should be able to do a conversion.
  4. SOLD! Gulp! Ready to sell complete G6 setup. Camera used occasionally, housing only used one time. Moved up to DSLR and would like to buy more compact underwater gear. G6: Fantastic shape: small scratch next to shutter release, mounting area at bottom (all due to putting in housing) Housing: Used once: bought and ran. had problem getting camera in housing the first time. Per Ikelite instructions, put small shim behind tray for adjustment . Simple, removable fix that worked. Accessories: 1 GB Ultra II CF, DC58N 1.75x teleconverter, Hoya 3 lens closeup kit, 3 lens converters: 2-52mm, 1-58mm (for teleconverter), 3 Hoya filters, extra 3rd party (POWER) 1500mH battery. No box, but everything that came with it: remote, lens cap, cds, manuals, warranty card. All reasonable offers considered. total out of pocket: $1500. You pay shipping and insurance from Hawaii, just say what method. Pay via Paypal is acceptable. email lpnet@aloha.net Aloha, Limulady
  5. Looked at reviews, might be an option. Any experience with the new Fuji F40d?
  6. I'll check it out.... Have there been any complaints about shadowing or flash use with the housing?
  7. Aloha all, I've searched and searched forums far and wide for recommendations for a good P&s that works well without all the extra strobes, lens, etc. I'm a working diver who can't haul a lot of gear. Had an Olympus C3030Z for years hooked to my BC that I could grab and snap macros with amazing results. I need a replacement! Bought a Canon G6 with an Ikelite 6145 housing. Too big and bulky! (anybody want one? Only been in the water once!) Can anyone suggest a great P&S camera with good macro capabilities? Here's what I would like: - no external strobe, trays etc, just use internal flash for macros - manual capabilities with custom white balance - compact, fully functional OEM housing that I can just hook to my BC - good macro capability - money is no object (to a limit) Have considered the Canon A640, A710IS and G7, but all reviews talk about shading with internal flash. Don't ever care to add lens, strobes, etc. I'm a Canon shooter topside, but will consider anything that could do the job! Any suggestions?
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