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  1. I'm selling a brand new Nauticam SMC 1 lens. It's new 480 USD and I would sell it for 430 USD excl. shipping. Please find attached the pictures. Just contact me via PM or eMail.
  2. I'm selling an underwaterhousing for a PENTAX LX camera manufactured by UK-GERMANY. It comes with a domeport for i.e. the 24mm lens. The housing looks like new and has been revised by the company not too long ago, as well as the housing has never been in the water since the revision. Along comes a second backplate for the use of a different 45° viewfinder instead of the standard FC-1 viewfinder. You'd need a winder as well so that the film will be transported automatically to the next picture. I can sell a Pentax LX camera as well, if you want it, but I prefer to keep it. I'm asking 500 Euro fix for it. In my eyes that is a very fair price. International shipping is no problem. Will be between 15-35 Euro, depending on the country of course.
  3. Hi, i'm selling a DIVEROSS housing for a Nikon D7100. The housing is brand new and has never been in the water. It comes with a macro port, but the domeport is cheap to buy. More information: http://www.diveross.com/photo/5 Looking for 999,- US-$ / 750 EUR / 600 GBP
  4. I'm selling an excellent setup for beginners that want to start taking images underwater. The very compact Canon S100 produces excellent images for it's size and comes with an Ikelite housing that has all options and is more advanced then a "standard" housing from Canon. Especially the ability to screw on and off wet lenses is a high advantage compares to other housings. A wonderful wetlens that comes with the setup is the Inon Bug Eye UFL-M150. It makes the standard lens of the compact camera to a real fisheye lens. Also the focus distance is very small, which makes the setup an excellent tool to shoot extreme close-focus wide-angle shots. With exactly this setup, the excellent photographer Amir Stern won the famous Eilat Shootout about one year ago. You can see his images (uneditet) if you follow this link: https://www.eilatredsea.com/ViewGalleryImage.asp?ArticleID=986&CategoryID=517&Image=_Uploads/dbsPhotoGallery/1%2876%29.JPG The S100 is like new and has maximum 200 clicks. The Ikelite housing is brand new. The Inon Bug Eye lens is five dives old. The complete setup - Canon S100 with 8GB SD card, charger, battery, original box, camera bag, ... - Ikelite underwaterhousing for S100, 2x diffusor white amd transparent, safety robe, hoods, .... - INON Fisheye / Bug Eye UFL-M150 - INON Adapter for M67 - Adapter for strobes for Ikelite housings You can buy the complete setup, or piece by piece: - S100: new: 450 Euro -> 230 Euro / 310 US-$ - Ikelite housing: new 300 Euro -> 200 Euro / 270 US-$ - INON Fisheye lens with adapter: new 280 Euro -> 200 Euro/ 270 US-$ + shipping All together VB: 580 Euro / 780 Euro. All the best Tobias
  5. I'm selling my backup housing from UK-GERMANY for the Canon 5D Mark II. I bought it used as well and only had it with me for one travel. It looks like new and is in great condition. It comes with the 45° Viewfinder and Port for the 24-105mm or 100mm Makro. Housing new: 2500 Euro Viewfinder new: 950 Euro Port new: 300 Euro Total new: 3750 Euro I would sell it for 50% of the new price: 1900 Euro / 2450 US-$ (excl. shipping)
  6. Update: 200 Euro / 260 US-$ / 170 GBP excl. shipping
  7. I'm selling a brand new, never used Ikelite strobe cable #4104.6 with a N5 connector. The cable is manual and can't transfer TTL signals, but it's necessary when using a slave sensor at the other end of the cable as a TTL cable won't work (that's why I bought it). Of course it can be used with the camera & housing as well, having the strobes on manual. It's a good backup cable as well. 50 Euro / 65 US-D / 45 GBP excl. shipping. Item will be shipped from Germany and can be sent worldwide.
  8. I'm selling a Nikonos SB-105 in mint condition, inluding cable to Nikonos N5 and strobe arm and rail. The strobe hasn't been in the water much and looks like new. It's a great beginners strobe, but also can be used as a second flash. The SB-105 are greate remote strobes as well, as they have a build in slave sensor. I'm asking 250 Euro / 330 US-$ / 215 GBP excl. shipping. Item will be shipped from Germany and can be sent worldwide.
  9. Hey, just to mention it: Many photo contests have written that you're allowing to publish the pictures for them or third parties as long as the competition and credits are mentioned. You agree to this by submitting your pictures. So, all the sites, talking about the competition and mentioning my name in the credits are not offending in any way, as well as Discovery. In my long search I only found one small blog that didn't had my credits on and that aquarium site. And in the case of the aquarium site they use the picture to commerically sell items. So I see a break of a law here. Anyway I will try to contact them one more time and if they don't react, I will think about contacting a lawyer. All the best Tobias
  10. Hi John, many thanks for your comment. Actually I didn't know that they wrote my name as the mouse-over is not working in my Firefox. Just tried it with Safari and it works! :-) So nothing I can blame them with. In general, I found a lot of pages using my images, but 99% of them feature the Miami University contest, where this picture won Best Overall. So as they all got the image via the University this would be ok, as long as they print my copyright. I found only very little pages that don't. And none of them is for a commercial reason, so I won't do anything regarding them. Only the Reef Keeper Page was using it commercially. Anyway it's a good idea to contact Discovery and ask them for a story. Maybe they want to have a story about another picture of mine, which recently won Best of Show in Ocean Art. Let see... :-) http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/ocean-ar...st-winners-2011 All the best Tobias
  11. Just had a look at the USCO site and yes, I find it actually hard to register my images there....especially if you mother language is not english it's hard to read that "law-english".
  12. Hi, no problem to register my most important images with the USCO. Just wanted to know the effects of that. What if I register the image after the "crime" happens? BTW: I found the contest images used at the discovery news webpage as well. Without any relation to the contest not mentioning the author. http://news.discovery.com/animals/earth-da...est-110422.html
  13. Thanks dor the recommendation regarding google images. Didn't know that yet. Used Tineye so far. Bill, it would be great if you could sent me the link to this aquarium site from portugal, please. Many thanks in advance. Tobias
  14. Wow, what a discussion. Thank you very much guys for bringing this topic forward so much. :-) Let me try to comment some of the questions: - Sorry, but I totally disagree. If someone took you lense without your knowing for weeks and then you recognize and you ask him to give it back and he does. Do you find that is ok? There is no difference if it's a lense or my picture. Both is my property. - And you don't find it rude that they took my picture without asking me? - Can you please sent me the links to the sites which are using my picture? How did you find them? - No I don't have registered my pics. Usually you don't need to do that (at least in Germany) because your copyright is anyway applied to your pictures by default. - EVERY picture has a copyright and you can't use the picture as long as it's not clearly stated that they are FREE to use. When a picture displays on a photo competition, it's a fact in my eyes that they are copyrighted. If you drive too fast on a highway and get cought by police it doesn't matter if you tell the officer that you didn't know what the speed limit was. You have to pay for this "crime". Same with my picture. It doesn't matter if and how much more money they did with my picture or not. The stole my picture and this is a fact. - No, I didn't got any email or apologize from them. Again, I don't find my acting very rude, considering they stole my image. - Thanks for the recommendation. Just in theory, if I would have registered my image in this case. I would still need to go to court to get my bill paid? Anyway, in Germany it is quite regular to sent a bill to the one who has "stolen" an image without asking for it in prior. So I tried the same with this store in the US. At least they took the picture of their page which leads me to the fact they they got the bill. ;-) Many thanks again Tobias
  15. Hi, Reef Keeper Supply was using pictures (my one was the Goby one) from the University Miami Rosenstiel School Underwater Photography contest (http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/outreach/underwater-photography/2011-winners/) http://reefkeepersupply.com/ I sent them a bill, but didn't got an answer yet, but they removed at least two pictures from the contest (including mine) from their webseite. The Pygmy seahorse is still on the page (not mine). What would you recommend to do? Regards Tobias
  16. Selling an UK-GERMANY system strobe housing fpr Nikon strobes but can be modified to be used for Canon strobes as well (as per comment from manufacturer). Asking 150 Euro.
  17. Hi, I would be interested in the 12" arms as well, if they are still available? Tobias
  18. Hey Ryan, many thanks for the link. Happy to see that! Hope I see you next year at the Photokina again? It was such a funny evening at Marc's flat last year! :-) Regards Tobias
  19. Hi Alex, as far as I remember the rule for the images of the world was that you can't sent in an image that has been sent in previously to the competition (no matter if it has been placed or not). This rule should at least avoid to see images a couple of times for this particular competition. Regards, Tobias
  20. I can only recommend to have a look at the Eilat Shootout pictures as well. Mark Fuller from Israel won the first prize with a wonderful portfolio of five images: http://www.eilatredsea.com/?CategoryID=401 Regards, Tobias
  21. Hello, I just recognized that pixdaus.com is hosting a lot of pictures from international, famous (underwater) photographers like Brian Skerry, Zena Holloway,... http://pixdaus.com/index.php?pageno=2&...er&sort=tag I think everybody should be aware of this. Regards, Tobias
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