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  1. Guys we have a gates housing for Alexa mini with all the goodies brand new, good deal thanks and wet pixel peeps take off another 5% from the listed price see Hal http://www.hollywooddivers.com/renttheunderwateralexaminihousingbygatesusa.aspx
  2. One 70D Canon Body, Tokina 10 / 17 lens, Sea and Sea Aluminum 70D housing with Compact Dome and Sea and Sea 180 Degree viewfinder. See it Here. http://www.hollywooddivers.com/canon70dhousingbyseaandseademomodelwithproviewfinder.aspx
  3. #worldgallery #iphone6gallery #shotoniphone6 #applebillboardgreatwhiteshark
  4. Guadalupe Island with an IPhone 6 inside the Watershot Housing with wide angle dome attached.
  5. Looking to buy qty 1, 15mm old school nikonos underwater lens. Good to excellent condition. and Orings for that lens if anyone has them or knows how to get them please contact me. also looking to buy one or two 12mm Sea and Sea (nikonos mount) fisheye lens please email me if you have these to sell Hal Hollywood Divers these are for my personal use and not for reselling. info@hollywooddivers.com
  6. this Housing will accept both the 2.7 k and 4 k Black Magic Cinema Cameras with a variety of len choices. Ready to make a deal. It's New. see the link. http://www.hollywooddivers.com/equinoxhousingforblackmagiccinemacamera.aspx
  7. Several New Pics are Up ..5d MKII Sea and Sea housing with W/A Dome Port and Beneath The Sea Handle and Tray Kit One only at this price see the link. http://www.hollywooddivers.com/usedseaandsea5dmkiiunderwaterhousingwithwaport.aspx
  8. it's well used. Port is for W/A dome in decent shape...needs a good home. it's just collecting dust. This housing has traveled and been a good workhorse. 1195.00 see this and or email me info@hollywooddivers.com Thanks , Hal http://www.hollywooddivers.com/usedseaandsea5dmkiiunderwaterhousingwithwaport.aspx
  9. Nikonos stuff wanted. I need a 15 mm or wider nikonos mount lens. I also need any nikonos mount lens .Also would like to buy a 12mm sea sea fisheye nikonos mount lens Any want to sell ? Know of anyone who has these? Hal
  10. I have been using a 70D for the last few months. I find it to be really enjoyable to use in a Sea and Sea Housing and compact with the Tokina 10-17 mm Dome Port. Just don't even know where to begin when making the comparison to a G1X. Totally different experience. You may want to rent a couple of different setups before buying. I can vouch for the 70D and would Recommend the Sea and Sea and or the Nauticam housing with the 10-17 or a 100 mm Macro .
  11. The 12-50 Port and Gear System Sold Individually Already. Now I have the 9-18mm port with lens and gear with the rest. It's now like this EM5 Camera Body with Oly 9-18 mm lens Port and Gear for 9-18mm Housing included. Wrist Lanyard Included can be seen here with my new price http://www.hollywooddivers.com/shop/cameras/olympus-omd-em5-camera-with-housing-and-9-18mm-12-50mm-lens-with-ports/ Again see the pics guys. And to answer your question ...at this point yes I am willing to break it up into pieces if needed.
  12. I use an ultralight Tripod Triple clamp. Is has a 1/4 20 bolt coming out of it and I have mounted both a camera housing or slave strobe to a clamp to it. on ulcs.com AC-TRI - Tripod clamp, has cut outs in the bottom piece to allow for arms to be used as legs of the tripod so the tripod can be laid completely flat See tripod on what's new page it is multi purpose and will work with ball mount arms that you probobly already own
  13. I am selling my personal use M4/3rds system The housing has one ocean dive, The 9/18 port has one ocean dive. The 12-50 port has zero ocean dives. Less than 1000 Pics taken with the Camera topside. all boxes, zoom gears (12-50) gear is included and installed. includes Oly 9-18mm lens Oly 12-50 lens used once I shoot wide angle mainly but this is a cool lens with a very elaborate power zoom gear system Em5 camera Body Nauticam Housing for EM5 Port and Gear for oly 9-18 port and gear for oly 12-50 port has macro switch, power zoom control 3500.00 takes all if I didn't tell you, you may not be able to tell that it is a used unit. Hal 323 969 9666 info@holywooddivers.com
  14. June 7th - 14th 2014 we need UW Photographers and Videographers to join us once again to one of my Favorite Destinations. North Carolina. in June we get 70 to 80 degree water and good visibility. Great Wide Angle shooting of Wrecks and Sand Tiger Sharks. I need 4 more Divers. shoot me an email if you are interested. Hal. info@hollywooddivers.com
  15. Hi my Name is Hal Wells. I have been Reading the posts and news on WP for a while but have never participated. I am now moving into the 4k world with Black Magic Cinema Cam and I also have a Black Magic Pocket Cam in a Nauticam Housing that really works. I am looking for others who may be shooting with these or the Pany GH4.
  16. Ikelite housing with 18-55 mm port for Nikon D 5000, includes handles, Tray, Arms, clamps, Synch cord and Ikelite DS 161 movie strobe...take all for 1750.00 Hal halwells@sonic.net 323 969 9666
  17. Bluefin for Sony HC3 with standard wide angle port in good condition. Monitor included with charger. Camera and housing included....Tape based 1980HD video. It all works well. 2750 takes all. 323 969 9875 or email me info@hollywoodivers.com
  18. I move back and forth all the time. It usually SLR unless I am too lazy to deal with airlines..etc etc...then followed by regret when I get the results. The size of the SLR system is the only regret. The pictures though...ahhhh the pictures.
  19. anyone looking for a starter cam or backup...we have one bluefin with sony hc 3 includes external monitor for 3000 it's in good condition. call 323 969 9800 for more info...only one of these, it is used
  20. This was my personal system for a year. I used it on 20 days of diving. I now must part with it. Housing has the pro control package and the camera works flawlessly. Shoots to mini dv 1080i. will shoot 25 fps or 30 fps. Housing has jack for monitor and monitor is included for 4700.00 bucks. 4500 for housing and camera without monitor. 72 mm lens. 3 lux...etc...has the gates poly dome which will accept a sony .6 w/a adapter. W/A adapter not included. email me info@hollywoodivers.com
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