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  1. California Gotta Love County line in summer https://t.co/gsGmvGn0UY

  2. Shucking Some Corn. Great Day eve with Vance and Linda https://t.co/w3Yf8jnTVB

  3. Hollywood Divers is open 10 until 2 pm today

  4. Kevin R was the winner of the Apeks Regulator from our Apeks Raffle in June at the Scuba show in… https://t.co/cdgNuBwGs9

  5. This Morning Iron Man on an LA sidewalk https://t.co/xUZ13T6N4c

  6. Underwater Communications package. Rent me Try Me then Buy me @ Hollywood Divers https://t.co/5SwA0ITUzN

  7. Just posted a photo @ Catalina Island https://t.co/j2nHwjb8pk

  8. Lovely day with good people. Happy New Year https://t.co/tsiKCQzh8S

  9. Can't wait to dive again. Need my undersea critters to keep me humble https://t.co/jV7714puiz

  10. Hollywood Divers now renting deep waterproof housing for Alexa Mini by Gates USA https://t.co/AGAGgEK5aT

  11. 2015 was a nice year for diving. Warm water and lots of varied sea life. Happy New Year https://t.co/k93RERmY4n

  12. Just posted a video @ Golden Road Brewing https://t.co/fgpjnjboBS

  13. Rent The Gates Alexa Mini housing here at Hollywood Divers Brand… https://t.co/fWBKUc5hFD

  14. 2015 December 31st (Thursday) Annual New Year’s Eve “Run for the… https://t.co/3cLNVO06GM

  15. RT @guardian: Giant squid that swam into Japanese bay guided back out to sea by diver https://t.co/2ocn448EXj

  16. RT @PauleyP: My friend Lonn Friend's article on Motörhead's #Lemmy Kilmister https://t.co/yqQQzkPCmD via @billboard

  17. Just a few of the dives we did in California, North Carolina and Mexico https://t.co/ZyZ2zIMaZK

  18. The Reindeer have arrived @ Hollywood Divers https://t.co/zRpnoC16yA

  19. Hey Christmas Shoppers we are open today on Christmas Eve from 9 until 4 come by, grab a cookie https://t.co/9NBUBVK1rF

  20. RT @PauleyP: My Thomas visited me at #NCIS set today! Awesome! (It's a #scuba script and he's scuba diving dude!) https://t.co/r3tb40gUCx

  21. RT @pattonoswalt: I just saw Santa at a Costco buying a case of Red Bull and he was muttering "I can't DO this anymore" over & over & over.

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